I once…

Sitting here in the shade this morning, feeling lovely and comfortable in the warmth of the Queensland winter I tried to catch up on some blog reading.  Slow internet here in the van park (and town generally) has made browsing a bit hit and miss so rather than be annoyed I decided a ‘no gadget time’ wouldn’t be a bad thing – until curiosity got the better of me 😎

Anyway, a blogger who hasn’t been well for quite a while, let slip this morning that she had once been a surfer.  That got me thinking about things we might have done over the years that others who know us now would never envisage us doing.

Now as you all know – because it’s certainly not a secret – I’m definitely not a winter person.  Yet once upon a time things were very different.

Many years ago there was a winter sport I loved.

I once spent as many hours as I could snow skiing.

What about you?

Is there anything your younger self did that others couldn’t see you doing?

10 thoughts on “I once…

  1. Not all in the same decades: riding a 2 speed bicycle to work most days; night clubbing with drinking and dancing with the occasional fling; driving a car (no longer have a car or licence); wearing a bikini @ the beach…


  2. I used to cross country ski and also was a great fan of aerobics. Now I hurt all over. /getting older is no fun.


  3. Not anything comes much to mind. I could do car repairs when cars were much more simpler. Yeah, replace shock absorbers, brake shoes or discs, grease a nipple or 30, as there used to be on old cars. Replace a universal joint in the tail shaft, a water pump and bleed a hydraulic brake system. All so long ago………


  4. I was a golfer till I was 37. My hips gave way then and since then have not been able to play. People simply cannot believe that I played golf at all.


  5. Swimming was my thing. Sea or pool I loved it. I swam 50 lengths of the swimming pool on my 50th birthday, cycling there and back, couldn’t do that now. lol
    One length with my neck and back and I’d be in A&E, lol


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