Just one of the things you can encounter……

So we’d not long started off on Friday morning, travelling from Goondiwindi to Rockhampton in beautiful Queensland when the Highway Patrol appeared with lights flashing, wand waving out the driver’s window to shepherd us all off the bitumen

Then the second one came along making sure we’d really moved over

Then the Pilot car turned up with lights flashing

Because…..this was on the move

Special measures need to be taken when some oversize loads are moved around from place to place.

This would have been going on all the way from where they were coming from to wherever they were going

Have you guessed where I’m going??

8 Replies to “Just one of the things you can encounter……”

  1. Away from this cold and miserable weather
    Hope your nearly at your destination and can now start to thaw and relax


  2. that type of loading here, mustn’t travel in the daytime, usually in the wee hours of the morning – not only with escort but also the route must be adhered for over head “hitable structures” like powerlines/bridges…and most houses would be split in half – this wouldn’t probably have been allowed…


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