Out with the old – in with the new…..

A little bit of the old found at the park during my recent visit – last seasons leaves all crisp and crunchy and brown.  Just lying there, waiting expectantly, waiting to feel little feet scuffling through them and then to be tossed in the air.  All jolly good fun 😊

Below is a little bit of the new (winter bulbs and Flowering Quince) blooming in my rather neglected garden on a rainy day day last week.  A sorely needed treat because I’m feeling decided ‘off’.

An elderly neighbour was whisked suddenly into hospital during the night, a dear friend is also in hospital….a bit poorly her husband said….very very sick was the description I got from a mutual friend.  The Golfer stuffed up an important deed and I need a hairdresser’s appointment but as usual in my own disorganised way have left it too late. Will have to get it done somewhere else.

Life goes on I suppose

11 thoughts on “Out with the old – in with the new…..

    1. We do tend to dwell on miseries at times don’t we Germaine without looking at the good things going on at the same time.
      I know you’ve had a lot of heartache in the last few years- I hope life is a little more pleasant now.


  1. Yup. I need a manicure a pedicure and a hairdresser appointment!
    Going to organise it all once I’m home
    Hope your friend and neighbour are both going to be ok xx


    1. But all that outback travelling you’ve been doing over the past month will make up for those services I’m sure Angela.
      I haven’t heard from either families yet so with be on the phone first thing in the morning


  2. Hope you got your hair done. Those are pretty photos of the bulbs – certainly there to cheer up the soul. Hope it is good news about your neighbour and friend and her husband’s description is the more accurate!


  3. I haven’t heard from either family over the weekend so as they say I’m hoping no news is good news.
    I brought some of the bulbs inside forgetting about the pungent daffodilly smell they have – they do look good on the window sill though. And as for the hair…well that’s going to have to wait for another week – thank goodness for slides and scrunchies 😎


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