Would it be allowed today?

A little bit of light relief after my ‘troubles and woes’ of the last couple of days πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•

~ ~ ~ ~

Fed up with being inside on the rainy days of a couple of weeks ago I took advantage of some sunshine last week to take a walk in the park. Β The one with the wetlands, long windy paths, views of The Dandenongs and lots of things to keep busy energetic little ones happy.

Little ones like these I could see way up in the distance – mums busy chatting, one with a stroller the other carrying a little girl and the little boy full of beans running ahead. Β (I used zoom making sure their faces weren’t visible)

I’d seen them earlier – in and on some of secret places where little ones like these along with their Mums and Dads and maybe big brothers and sisters like to meet.










There are so many pieces of equipment there in the special area of the park designated for children it’s often crowded at the weekend but not so on this day. Β A beautiful sunny day but oh so cold, only the hardy were out and about.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And look what turned up on fb that very same day. Β I know it’s been doing the rounds for a while but it brought a smile to my face as I remembered when the boys stopped running and pushing and jumped on to spin round with the screaming girls. Β And then that awful feeling of floundering around with a spinning head when it stopped 😊

Are any of you old enough to remember them?

I’m curious to know if it would be allowed in any of the playgrounds today

29 thoughts on “Would it be allowed today?

  1. Yes I remember it and looking at it makes me squeamish. It is a wonder we are still alive when I think of the bumps and falls we had. At least I haven’t seen that particular playground equipment for decades thank heavens.


    1. And that was exactly my thoughts when I saw the photo Germaine. I think we were petrified we’d fall off so clung on so tightly- lots of sympathy if anyone did, lots of silent thanks it wasn’t us. I do think a lot of ‘adventure’ has gone or been taken away from childrens play these days


  2. You know what? I’ve never been on one of those round-about thingies. πŸ™‚

    That is a beautiful parkland…and wonderful area to stroll around….good for one’s inner being.


    1. I definitely feel ‘better’ in thought and mind Lee after I’ve had a little wander, just five minutes at the wetlands laughing at the antics of the duck can be enough to put a smile on my face


  3. Yes, we’ve got one of those in both local playgrounds. It is just as you write, the boys pushing till its spinning fast and the girls screaming in delight. The kids love it


    1. I thought they’d been outlawed years ago Linda – OH&S rules abound and I’ve never seen one in a playground here in Australia. Family say they aren’t seen in English playgrounds either
      It’s good to hear some kids are still allowed to take risks


  4. I remember these and I went on one last year with my granddaughter at a gardens we visited – they had a little play park. Little L loved it but we didn’t go fast. I did feel a bit wobbly when I got off though!
    I like your new look – I think my site might have the adverts from time to time as I only have the free version of wordpress. I am not sure how much it puts people off – but I think they are only quite small not the all singing all dancing ads of some of the sites you find yourself on.


    1. And there was me saying I didn’t think they were ‘allowed’ anymore 😊
      Ooh here comes that queasy feeling again lol
      Thanks for visiting- enjoy your weekend off (and don’t stress too much about retirement…..it can be daunting to begin with….am I doing the right thing etc….but then it’s your call and sort of grows on you after a while. Don’t forget to have a PJ Day now and again….do nothing and stay in your jammies all day long! Good for the soul! Don’t ask me how I know lol)

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  5. I thought all women were warriors EC In this case I think they are including the boys as well lol
    Hope the mood of your days get lighter as the week goes by


    1. Gosh you were game Sue – No young lads around to do the donkey work??
      Leap of faith – I love it. That really was what happened…. The boys would .run run run then leap on hoping no one was in the way. Luckily we all survived to tell the tale 😊


      1. Have only just seen your reply, we were camping for 7 weeks and often out of internet/phone range, I think things went wobbly then. I read recently of a school, here in SA I think, which is encouraging what some consider “risky play” – what was normal for us growing up. Remember those very high slippery dips with no guard rails or even “soft fall”? We learnt how to safely tackle so many things, taking responsibility for ourselves rather than expecting it to be someone else’s job.


  6. I remember these….and the ‘leap of faith’!
    Leo remembers that the sport of choice when he was a boy was to swing out on a rope attached to an aqueduct high up over a river….makes him go white now thinking of it…


    1. I never lived near a river or lake to see or have anything to do with a Tarzan swing Helen. We often see them attached to large tree branches on river banks here – some councils ‘outlaw’ them others seem to turn a blind eye

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  7. We just called it a merry-go-round. And while we did use it for speed from time to time, what happened mostly was lying on our tummies, faces down looking over the edge and dragging sticks through the water around the ride when it collected from the rain.


    1. Oh gram – that is much more sedate than standing in the middle screaming our heads off lol. Bet your mother wasn’t impressed with the mud on your clothes though 😊
      Were the boys still the (I was going to say pushers but that has another meaning these days) were the boys still the ones who did the spinning or did the girls help out?


      1. In my family there are two boys and two girls. We all took turns pushing and when there were other children at the playground, we all took turns pushing so each could have a chance to lazily drag a stick through water round and round and round. Don’t think for a moment that we didn’t enjoy the dizzy spinning that that contraption had. Every one stood in the center but one person on the merry-go-round and the pusher. The pusher ran and pushed very hard to get the speed going… then the one person not in the center, quickly moved to the very center with the rest off the riders. That cauced a centripetal force, pulling and added the thrill factor to the riders. My mother never minded the dirty clothes. We were having fun and staying out of trouble. Besides, my mother was a High School Phys Ed teacher and Smalltownville’s Summer Rec Program Director. She taught kids bow to play a lot with very little! The playground was two blocks away from our house, but Mom could see us from the kitchen window.

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  8. Great fun. I have only see the type of late where the child is kind of in an enclosed space, I guess to stop them being flung to Mars I remember Little Jo on once and she just would not give it up, until the projectile vomit happened.


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