Seeing if this works

Hoping this posts as the ‘new’ header
Still having to use the app – nothing happening on the iPad using Safari or Chrome.

Just get a blue screen with a big W in the centre 😩

It’s quite clumsy, certainly not the easiest way to go about things but as The Golfer has first dibs on the PC when he’s home I’m happy I’m not shut out altogether.

Another day tomorrow- here’s hoping it gets easier 😎

6 Replies to “Seeing if this works”

  1. I have to share a laptop at the campground but I can use my I phone down at the campground to text or facebook. We are having beautiful summer weather here. Just love it. Too bad summer wasn’t longer.


  2. A lovely new header, and I like that the location is identified. Best wishes in sorting out the blog. Like finding a missing sock, isn’t it? Especially the last clean pair.


  3. I happen to love a Lot of White Space, on a blog…!!! Makes pics and words, stand out. 🙂

    I’d really hate to have to share computer time. I have an ancient big iMac, and he has a old Mac lap top. And we each have our own Tablets. We are older, and so, we feel we should. :-))))))))))))

    This WP is Free…… All Blogger is free. 🙂


  4. Sigh. And hiss and spit. We are still having significant problems with out PC. IF and when it lets me in at all I can do everything as usual. However it can take quite literally hours (six was the worst) before it agrees to boot up.


  5. definitely different look to your page – but hoping you can see our comments – relatively deep fog here this morning, which usually means sunshine – which not what the weather app is suggesting!


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