All change

Well maybe the problem was because my theme had been ‘retired’ so I’m hoping that changing to another theme will help with my blog problem.

Not sure if I’m all that keen on what I’ve chosen and I’ll try to find another header picture – at least I can access to post on the PC.  I know my iPad has been playing up but I wouldn’t think that was the problem because all other websites were ok.

Anyway we’ll go with this (free) one for a while even though there is an awful lot of white space 🙂

Bye for now

8 thoughts on “All change

  1. that’s interesting on “closing a theme” – but as you say, here you are…again, ready to write and tell us anything you want.


    1. Yes Cathy, I thought maybe if I changed something it might make a difference……that’s when I noticed it said Chateau had been ‘retired’


  2. I had no idea that WordPress retired themes. Maybe I’d better look out for mine, as I’ve used it since I started nearly six years ago!


    1. Me neither Clive but seems like they do. I’d had Chateau since I came over from blogger so not happy.
      It’s a bit like my prepaid mobile plan – my current one has been retired so if I move to another cant go back . Will see how I get on with this one for a while – thankfully I will be able to change back and forth if I want.
      Thanks for popping in and commenting

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      1. It does seem a bit odd that they’d do that. Hopefully they won’t cause you any more problems – and it’s good to see you still posting 😊


  3. It might have been too much information for it to process
    You have stuff all over your blog, did you realise you had those ads?
    They take up a lot of space
    White is good. I like it


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