Have had to download the WordPress app because I couldn’t get into the blog any other way. 😟

Couldn’t log in or open it up on the PC or the iPad 😟

Only half the little ‘thingamejigs’ are there – those things that let you go bold or add a table

Is anyone else on WordPress having troubles this morning ?

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  1. I use, but no problems this morning. That’s not to say I never have difficulty—I have bewildering stuff happening constantly. I should keep a list! Good luck, and I hope your current problem is solved ASAP.


  2. No problems with my free blog – but still problems with STLF’s blog – just the headers and the pictures – no words written by Diane or any one else…

    I notice you have a new photo in your header, Cathy


  3. Sorry your having dramas. I’m on blogger and since buying the special app it’s been great.
    Fingers crossed it stays good
    Hope you work it out soon


  4. I use Blogger. Tried something else, but came back to Blogger, which I know.

    Yes, there are Blogger issues. But all in all, very, very few.

    So I am quite happy here, @ blog spot dot com. :-))))


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