There are days when all I hear is my mother’s voice

‘Everything comes to those who wait!  –  Patience is a virtue!

There are days I even acknowledge she might have been right 😊😎

Thanks for all the comments on my sleeplessness post.  Things are a bit better – I’m dropping off more quickly and staying asleep longer.  Yes, there’s been some of those dreaded 2hour cycles and there are still some of those ‘why can’t I go back to sleep moments’ but they are definitely much less frequent than before.

The bedroom got a deeper clean than usual, I turned the mattress, then wondering if these really cold nights could’ve been part of the problem added another blanket beneath the sheepskin underlay and finished off by changing my pillows to some from the spare room bed.  At the moment I’m trying out a few handy hints – wind down earlier, no screens before bed, bed socks to keep the feet warm, turn the clock face away They may be making a difference or the problem could just be going away naturally – whichever it is I’m definitely feeling more alive now.

I had to laugh as my GP more or less said the same as Mum would have – no pills to begin with, take it slowly, try working things out and often it just happens when you least expect it!

Patience has been needed on my part to deal with this cold Winter.

Yes mum, I’m waiting patiently.  I know that in just a couple of weeks I’ll be able to dip my toes into the Coral Sea while I relax at Rose Bay in Bowen.

Just wish it would hurry up and arrive 😎

Meanwhile I’ll just think about what to wear tomorrow.  We’re off to the theeateter – going to see the Mamma Mia musical (thank you children for our chrissy present, I’m sure it will be worth the wait). Going in by train so it’ll be a bit on the chilly side because the forecast a little while ago was…….going down to 1c overnight, going up to 13c. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be a posh frock day, more of a boots, trousers and jumper day!

24 thoughts on “Everything……

  1. Glad to hear you are sleeping better. It can be really devastating to have a night you cannot sleep no matter how exhausted one is.


    1. Oh Germaine it’s not a good feeling is it – starting the day feeling as though ‘you’ could go right back to sleep again. It is such a different feeling to wake a little bit more refreshed.
      You’ve had such a stressful time these past few years I hope life is treating you a little bit more kindly now. And you get to sleep in 😊


  2. Glad to hear you are having a more restful time! It was 12C here the night before last, it is the height of summer here, and the daytime temperature is over 30C and between 36c and 39C humidex. I am grateful when the temperature plummets at night, which it didn’t last night, and won’t again for the next few weeks.

    Do you not have central heating in your house? 1C is very cold for sleeping, very cold indeed. I found that at 5C I needed to wear a hoodie to bed, to keep the back of my neck and shoulders warm in case I moved during the night. A toque was good, but the hood was better because it maintained the heat built up around my head. I have not had to sleep in a room at 1C since I was a child. It was much easier as a child, I didn’t feel the cold the way I do now.


    1. No Maggie we don’t have heating in all our rooms. With doors open we can choose to let the bedrooms warm slightly but aren’t fussed if they are or not. The children had little individual heaters in their rooms when they were home but only used them to get dressed.
      Rest assured it won’t be 1c in the bedroom- maybe cooler than in some but not unmanageable. It’s not that long ago we slept with the windows open all year round but my toes get cold and the ‘line of draft’ is right across the bottom of the bed – right where my feet are 😊
      I have on ocassion resorted to a beanie- I’d get tangled up in something with a hood on – and there’s always the option of snuggling under the covers (or up to The Golfer, but he’s not too keen on the surprise of cold feet making their presence known lol)


  3. Girlfriend, you need to sleep cooler, not warmer. Keep your head and feet cool. Heat is bad for sleep. You may wake during the night for whatever reason, and have to get up. Get back into bed and pull the your minimal bedding around you and feel totally cosy.


    1. I agree on the sleeping cooler bit Andrew – just not on being cold. Cold feet keep me awake- once they’re warmed on a hottie I’m ok but once they cool off there’s no way I’m comfortable – hence the bed socks.
      And yes summer time can be too warm so out the side of the covers they go.


  4. Leo is having to get up several times in the night so sleep is hard to come by…the best way for me to get back into the land of nod is to wind a soft scarf over my head and neck.
    No idea why it works, but it does.


    1. Helen as long as it works I don’t see any problem with what ever we do . I sometimes use an old airline eye mask – even though it’s dark at night the mask seems to seal the eyes and make it darker….if you follow my meaning 😊

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  5. Excellent to do all those wind-down-things! We really are silly humans, to think we can read exciting things, right before closing our eyes… Or keep staring at this or that screen, till right before closing our eyes… Or keep being upset/worrying over this or that, till right before closing our eyes… 🙂

    And of course, I forget that you are dealing with winter’s cold, while we are dealing with summer’s heat. All those prepare yourself and bedroom for sleep, are wonderful ideas too.

    Have a lovely time a the theeateter!!!!!!!

    Fun makes for a calm mind, and hopefully for a nice night’s sleep after.


    1. Gigi, I’ll rest up on the bed (maybe even drift off) if I feel I can’t cope but on the whole I much prefer to just sit and close my eyes for a short while. Sort of like a mini relaxation session.


  6. From Sleepless near Seattle. I think it has to do with aging. I’ve tried nearly everything. Lying down after lunch helps me get through the days when I haven’t slept the night before. Very frustrating


  7. over the years I have suffered a cold big house (now somewhere smaller) – but this year, I decided that heating was in order. I have 2 small oil heaters – one in the living area and one that takes the cold off my bedroom, the short hallway and the toilet. I close off the door to living area/other bed and that has made such a difference.

    I have the bedroom/areas one on all night – mid-low temperature and I have found that even if I wake, I’m fast back to sleep…I put it on about hour/more before I swan off to bed. Yes there is cost for power, but I believe my health/sanity is more VIP

    and when I wake, about the time the lads go to work (driveway), I shoot out and put the living lot on – and zoom back to bed…sometimes to doze, sometimes not but I try not to get up before it’s truly daylight.

    I’ve had the living heater on/off today – a nasty cold wind and no sun…


    1. You’ve certainly taken time to work things out this winter haven’t you Cathy. We all know there’s a fine line between frugality and stupidity. In my opinion, it’s unwise to try to save money by not heating and then ending up being unwell – best have some heat (even if it’s not as hot as others like) and health.
      Even though the days have been cold once our house has warmed through it doesn’t cool off too much. Closing doors does help if it’s windy outside- where do those drafts come from? Insulation doesn’t seem to stop them.


  8. I had a sleepless night last night, and will again tonight…and tomorrow night…but Wimbledon is to blame for my non-sleeping at night! 🙂


    1. Strangely I have had no interest in Wimbledon at all this year Lee. Just couldn’t get into it. The programming was weird and (to me) the commentary abysmal. So it’s been early bed all week 😊


    1. Thanks Kylie. The GP suggested a sleep survey was the way to go before pills…which I totally agreed with. If the symptoms get worse I’ll probably end up doing ‘the test’ which seemingly can be done in home these days. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


  9. Sleeplessness can truly take the joy out of life. Pills help, for a while, and then they become a habit, which is scary. I’ve ditched sleeping pills long ago, and use natural remedies instead. But to do this, you have to do some research, and experiment a bit. Herbs are basically harmless, so there is no need to avoid them, no matter what Big Pharma wants you to believe.


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