Yes, it’s Friday…

No Fun Friday here today though

Mr Insomnia……my friend from long ago…..has decided to visit again

I’m not feeling the best – in fact I’m feeling b…..awful

So am having a break for a while

Might be just for a week – maybe longer

Just until….well, just until I can pinpoint the cause

And send it on its way 😊

13 thoughts on “Yes, it’s Friday…

  1. somehow when I’m plagued by it – I try to just go with the flow – although which “flow” isn’t always a known – take care…


  2. I suffered with it for years. IT is only 4;27 a.m. and I am up for the day. I take 2 sleeping pills every night but lucky if I sleep 4 hours straight. Hope you get it resolved. I was dignosed with severe anxiety disorder. Hopefully you are just going through some hormone problems or could be thyroid issues. Wishing you the best.


  3. I wish you well….

    Certainly hope you do not have to resort to licking your feet.


    If worse comes to worse…..

    Just maybe…..




  4. I struggle with this the most when I have to be up at a set time the next morning. For some reason the moment I lie down my brain wakes up. Over time, I have discovered ways to combat it but there are times when I have to resort to a “calmative” just to help me get to sleep.

    My helpful chemist who is awesome, suggested I try an over the counter drug which must be approved by the pharmacist. It is actually an antihistamine which can often be found in the night time cold and flu tablets called Doxylamine succinate – the name of the product is Restavit.

    Usually one tablet is enough and I usually only take it if I have been trying and failing to sleep for over an hour but sometimes just knowing they are there if I need them is enough to ship me calmly off to sleep without having to actually get up and take one.

    These drugs do have a lovely side effect of clearing up my allergies and I can use them for that in spring if they get very bad, but only if I am not planning to drive anywhere.

    These do not have any kind of addictive properties which is why I mention it here. A lot of people steer clear of any drugs to assist with sleep because they are concerned about that aspect. 🙂


  5. I had poor sleep for a few years but it cleared up with acupuncture. I’ll never forget that first treatment, I was sleepy at 8pm and slept right through to 8 am. (Well, I probably had to pee but you know, it was a good sleep!)

    I hope you get some good rest soon!


  6. Good luck! I had insomnia for about 40 years, and it’s miserable stuff. The only thing that kept me going was my ability to take quick catnaps to get me through the day. Andy has it often now, and catnaps don’t work for him.


  7. I have strange sleep patterns too. I fall asleep watching the TV. then go to bed around midnight and finally get to sleep hours later.. I have tried cuddling large pillows, but it is nothing like the real thing.


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