Almost like a new job….

It was almost like moving to a new place of employment – a new job – a new place to find my spot in the pecking order.

For several years now I’ve been involved in a group – a singing group – in other words a choir.  For a while there I needed something to make me ‘happy’ and discovered a music group and associated choir.  I was in heaven.  Some time to myself (if you could be by yourself surrounded by other voices) making a noise and feeling good.

We met once a week, in the evening about a half hours drive from home.  Their repertoire was a bit like the Ancient and Modern Hymn Book – some new, some familiar, some old yet modern enough for me (and most of the others) to know all the words.

When I joined we were led by a fabulously ‘young’ musician who had studied a whole range of styles and methods both here in Australia and abroad and like many students of classical music also had his own jazz band (on the side) 😊  He had a way of making us feel we’d achieved something special.  Then as he put it – his career and studies were getting in the way and he just couldn’t spare the time as little as it was, so he had to move on.  Sighs all round – we need to find a new conductor

So after a long lead in time we found what we thought was a good choice for a conductor.  Very different in that she is more dogmatic in her ways, my way or no way.  This is what I want and expect you to provide. With the ‘you’ being mostly mature age people who go (yes to learn, but also to have fun) numbers dropped quite quickly – yet were expanded by others (from other groups) wanting a ‘leader’ who thought that way.

Of course I was away interstate over a lot of the winters so didn’t have to contend with those 30 minute drives in whatever weather turned up.  Some winters I was a bit crook so didn’t go – didn’t want to infect others or couldn’t sing what with coughing a lot or not having a voice lol

As the season began to change it was getting to the point that I was finding excuses not to go – but I really missed it.

So earlier this year I decided to do away with these self conceived problems _ a dominant almost unyielding leader plus an unwelcome night time drive – and joined the ‘day group’.  The organisation only has one group that meets in the daytime – in Camberwell.  Miles away from home – 45 minute drive or 30 mins on the train (plus time to and from the station and a walk down Camberwell Road to the hall) so about an hour door to door.

Honestly, as I mentioned above, I thought it was going to be almost like taking on a new job.  Like finding the right spot to sit in the hall……. with the Altos, yes but on which chair?  What time is the break, where is coffee served?

First discovery was the friendliness of the others.  There is no pecking order.  None of this…. we’re sopranos – you’re altos – and  never the twain shall meet.  Oh and the men are over there.

With two helpful ‘assistants’ and a vibrant ‘witty funny’ conductor who keeps all that under check, there is a style of leadership that means you can’t help but follow directions because you want the song to sound great.  The voices blend together, harmonise like magic with no one type overpowering the other. It’s almost like the first point in ‘The One Minute Manager’ – People who feel good about themselves produce good results!

Yes it’s a bit of a trudge on a Tuesday morning especially these really cold ones but guess what – I’m enjoying my singing again and being happy and feeling good inside myself is all that matters (to me at least)

Has anything been bothering you recently that you found a solution to?

What about your fears and worries – did they disappear or were they realised?

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could sing! I can’t, confirmed by many people, didn’t just decide I couldn’t, but finally convinced by others I couldn’t, or at least not in a way they wanted to hear. Singing must be such a source of pleasure, particularly when voices are joined. Have fun!


    1. Maggie the organisation that oversees these choirs (Sing Australia) works on the assumption that anyone can sing and makes no judgement on the sound you make. No auditions helps people overcome nerves and gives them the confidence to give it a go. One bad note here and there go unoticed in amongst the good ones.


  2. So glad you have found a happy choir, singing is so important, if everybody sang the world would be a happier place


    1. Enid, You are so right about singing bringing happiness to our lives. Being with others or just by yourself it doesn’t matter- feeling the rhythm and making the sounds is what’s important.


  3. well, one of the “jobs” that I was involved in for umpteen years…I ditched early last year. I had thought I might miss it…I don’t.

    I also ditched a few other things…

    I then thought, maybe I need a new “job” but to date, I’ve not even gone down that avenue…AND rest assured it will not involve “singing” if I do decide on something


    1. Yes, moving on is the best thing to do sometimes Cathy. It often demonstrates that what we thought was important at the time often turns out not to be.


    1. Yay EC you picked up on the fun:). The songs and the music are the same as before yet seen more like fun than before.


  4. This is such a nice post! With a happy ending.

    Glad you followed your ‘inner voice’, and have found the perfect place, for your singing voice and you.


    1. Thanks Jean. The train journey gives me time to ‘people watch’. Early morning commuters aren’t a noisy lot, most have their eyes on their phones these days, not a paper book to be seen except for the one in my hands lol


    1. I’m feeling the benefits already Andrew. They say a change is as good as a rest, well there’s no more saying I can’t be bothered – I’m out the door like a shot Tuesday mornings now.


  5. Once a month in the library there is a session of musical memories on the day I volunteer. To begin with I really hated being there with thirty people singing somewhat out of tune. My favourite things from the Sound of Music was truly horrific. Trying to shelve books to wonky high notes was not nice. But then I gradually found I was singing along myself, and you are right singing is good for you. And when you look at the faces of the eighty year olds singing their hearts out to Daydream Believer you know it is a good thing. They will never ever be a choir such as yours, but by golly they love it. And last week people were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and eating icecreams and came into to say how much they had enjoyed listening!
    Well done on going somewhere that makes you happy to sing .


    1. I love that your elderly citzs have their sessions at the library Cathy. Then the rest of the community can see them and their efforts to stay on top of it
      I used to help out with an older aged mentally challenged group that knew their songs but couldn’t voice them. There were several of us with voice who sang along but yes at times it was difficult to take the noises and half formed words when all you wanted to hear was a proper rendition of the song. But the faces were what made me go each week – that and seeing the recognition of the tunes in their eyes. Similar to the Musical Memories activities I help organise in a local nursing home.


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