It’s just not funny anymore……

It’s just not funny,  I said to myself.

You’re talking away to yourself in here, said The Golfer

And what are you doing down on the floor?

Well it’s like this,  I said.

When I start off everything’s fine and dandy

It’s between here

and here

The problems start.

I know there are things I can practise at the gym

so I can get to here

Without falling over!

Come on, I’ll help you up,  said The Golfer

I’ve got a friend who had the same problem

He said the practice of putting more water with it helped enormously!

Not funny,  said I.

Ouch, that’s not funny either, said The Golfer.  Watch it or I’ll let go of you and where will you be then?

Back on the floor with only one leg in my knickers, said I 😊😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fun Friday – the day we forget the worries of the week 

(Funny true story – but unfunny because it’s happening more frequently)

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12 thoughts on “It’s just not funny anymore……

  1. Some days are worse than others around here. When my back just won’t let me bend to put on my pants, I lie on my back in the bed and put them on that way… the floor is just too darn far down!

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  2. Actually, I can bend forward easily. Despite what looks like a 7 month pregnancy, “in front.”

    But!!! The best way of solving the entire problem is…… Wear a gathered, long skirt!!!! It’s the greatest. 🙂


  3. I have this problem. I’ve learned to not bend over too far, and use the free hand to hold onto something. Your feet can track better into an open hole than we give it credit for. True story! 🙂


  4. I got a double laugh, one at your misfortune and the other, the other being The Golfer’s crack about putting more water in it.


  5. Ha ha, good one. I know exactly what it’s like, hopping around with one leg in and one leg out trying to make the hole wide enough for a clear shot! Sometimes I sit on the bed but then the bottom of the trews get tangled up.
    You’re not alone!


  6. Yes it is funny in a way as long as one doesn’t fall which seems to be in a lot of problems today but I know I keep noticing almost every day little things are taking me longer to do. I guess we are still here which some aren’t that lucky.


  7. Leslie AKA Vest. Despite my age, I am still fortunate to be able to wash Bathe and dress and also drive, although I become tired very quickly when applying too much exertion. Fortunately, I have a functioning brain too. but use the privilege of forgetfulness to avoid certain problems around the house.


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