It’s arrived….

It arrived about 8pm this evening  – The Winter Solstice that is

The half way mark of the year – for us in the Southern Hemisphere                         ‘the shortest day’

From now on the days will become longer – the hours of daylight will lengthen

Look – this week it goes from 9.32.28 to 9.33.19

We gain 16 secs of daylight 😊

Just wish it would get warmer 😎  

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9 thoughts on “It’s arrived….

  1. And we love our long days of light! I live closer to the center of my time zone, and have light year round. Our worst winter days end at five; in the Atlantic states they end at four.


  2. Us Northern Hemispherians (?) are celebrating the longest day of the year…and some of us are going to ignore that the days will start getting shorter tomorrow. 😉


  3. I’ve decided I like the spring days best with the longer hours of daylight. Hope you get some warmer temperatures though 6 degrees looks good to me for a winter day.


  4. Enjoy your winter. We have had some nice days but we had a lot of rain in June and therefore the mosquitos. Weather is funny sometimes we do not give what they are predicting.


  5. Oh, boy! That is cold in comparison to up here in Qld, Cathy. I’m struggling to think of a Winter day in the past few years that’s been down to that temp here. I think I’d have to roll myself, sausage-roll style, in layers of blankets, wear two pairs of hubby’s footy socks and pull my beanie all the way down to my chin! Stay warm! Meg:)


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