Don’t you love it….

When little gems like this arrive in an email


From one researcher to another

“Just thought this might help”

Just look at all those Archibalds 😊

11 thoughts on “Don’t you love it….

  1. I’ve been thinking of getting into it myself. But right now i don’t have the time to spare. Maybe in a few years
    I’m fascinated by all history, but to delve into family history would be amazing


  2. Everyone here is interested in researching their ancestors, I don’t think I have the patience to do that. My thought only.


  3. I named my old Humber Super Snipe, Archibald. When he behaved well, I called him Archie. When he failed to proceed, it was the full name plus an expletive.


  4. We had a similar experience recently with my husband’s family. Such great information and a glimpse into the family’s past.


  5. Have wanted to do it.

    Never did.

    Did have our dna “searched” though. Mostly what we knew already, about ‘where we probably came from.’


  6. What a lovely bit of post! A relative on my dad’s side has done the family tree and its fascinating


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