Where the rivers run free…

Spending a few very cold days up on the Murray – in Echuca

Home of the mini series – All the Rivers Run

Where the river is very very low

And where the river boats still ply their trade – to tourists

Not a wool bale in sight

10 thoughts on “Where the rivers run free…

  1. It amazed me to see the different wharf heights and flood level at the port. Believe me, you don’t want to be here this day, Sunday. It is hideous.


  2. That is low indeed. Some rain would be more than welcome in much of the country. We are chilly too. A top of 6 today, with a lazy wind which goes through rather than round you.


  3. Gosh, it’s not good seeing the water level so low. This country really needs a few good drops of rain! I hope you enjoyed your time away.


  4. You asked if I had another blog? And I thought I answered, that I have had many other blogs. But I have gone back through comments here, on lots of posts, and I do not find it.

    Didn’t I reply???? LOL. Did I just think I did? -sighhhhh- 🙂

    Yes, I had the blog you spoke of. With Old Fashioned pic and Faeries. And etc.

    Did you comment there? Because I remember many bloggers, who used to come to my numerous other blogs. And I don’t remember you.



  5. the river needs the water so the economy of the population is on tap via the tourist revenue … climatic conditions are so important to everyone….


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