Words for Wednesday

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words or pictures as prompts            Bloggers are encouraged to make what they will of them

These are the words Lee has provided for the first Wednesday in June
Comedy – Shadows- Loss – Rainbow – Emotional – Heart 
Contradictions – Sensitive- Legendary- Engage – Forever – Never ending 

And this is what I made of them – perhaps you’d like to have a go also
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Thoughts of an old Thespian

Paul stood outside the doors of the local Little Theatre company thinking of all the times he had been onstage relishing the applause that came as the curtain dropped.

The night before he’d been to a special performance of the current production. A revival showcasing one of his favourite roles; a comedy about a young man in a country village who seemed to have all the young girls trying to catch his eye. The young man is portrayed as being sensitive and understanding but also a little slow on the uptake.

Paul’s thoughts went back to his time as leading man remembering how difficult that role had actually been. There were the never ending rehearsals, constant script revisions, a director whose instructions were full of contradictions; there was no wonder he, who was legendary for breaking the heart of more than one young actress had suffered the indignity of having taken forever to engage with ‘that woman’.

He had never forgiven his agent, he was the one who had been responsible for introducing her to the director, which resulted in Paul’s latest ‘young lady’ not getting the part. In his mind there was nothing worse than an emotional female and there he was having to cope with two of them!

Trying not to slip on the wet pathway he was all smiles as he made his way down to the coffee shop. It was a foggy damp day and there waiting for him, walking towards him, no, almost floating towards him, from out of the misty shadows was Rosie.

Once again they chuckled and recalled how on the night the show closed all those years ago, he had dropped into the jazz club to ‘drown his sorrows’ as well as ‘heal his wounds’ and there she was!

Sitting on the edge of the stage a la Judy Garland; singing her heart out; loving every minute of it.

Her loss went on to be his (and her) gain – she hadn’t left town but stayed to persue a different career.

Oh yes, there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and he’d had no trouble engaging with it!

8 Replies to “Words for Wednesday”

  1. I’ll not try, since I don’t have the ability, to take prompts. In anything. Silly maybe, but so. Just me I guess.

    Plus, I am not a writer of fiction. Doing that, is simply a wonder, to me.

    So put both those things together, and I will stick to enjoying, what _you_ can do.


    1. Never say never Nana You could always give it a go on the quiet – slowly in the comfort of your own home. No one would ever need to know 😊


  2. This is just wonderful, Cathy….you’ve spun a great tale here…You’re a weaver of words, my dear. 🙂


    1. Thanks Lee – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m not sure where Paul came from, he just appeared in my mind and took over the words as his own 😊


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