Almost Wordless Wednesday……seen in Kavala

Seen in Kavala Greece 
8 October 2014

Oh my goodness, you never know what is to be found in some towns
We knew there was lots to see here but nobody mentioned :-
The Kavala Aqueduct

Seen early on our way into the town centre.

One enormous structure right there ‘in your face’ no way of avoiding it!

Seen from up at the top of the castle – meandering it’s way through the town.
We didn’t have time to see where it began or ended but what we did see was inspiring.

And seen again on our way down.

Here in Melbourne there was an old saying’ meet you under the clocks’ meaning the clocks out the front of Flinders Street Station….. I wonder if the locals here say ‘meet you under the arches?’

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9 Replies to “Almost Wordless Wednesday……seen in Kavala”

  1. I’ve never been to Kabala. Looks as though we should plan a trip north. That is magnificent! Wonder how old it is. Roman I’m guessing


  2. Yes but which arch!
    There are so many
    There are many ruins of the old aquaducts all over. It’s amazing that in the old days things really were built to last


  3. What an amazing structure and I bet the whole trip was too. Just catching up Cathy and saw your comment so popped by to say hello too.


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