Hello Winter….

As always no amount of wishful thinking will change anything.  Yesterday June 1st was the day…..the day that is deemed to be the first day of Winter here in Australia.

Not cold enough for snow here in Melbourne but definitely cold.  Cold enough to see your breath oozing out of your mouth like the steam from a boiling kettle.


Well that’s what it was like at 7.30am when I drove down the the pool.  I know it sounds strange going to the pool in the Winter but I’ve got to keep this old body mobile and that’s the easiest way for me to do it.  The young lad on the desk said they’d turned the gas up so the water was a bit warmer….30c instead of 29.5c lol  Still felt cool cold to me when I got in 😟

What was good about the day – and quite a few others over the past couple of weeks – was the way the afternoon turned out to be quite warm  A bit like what I call desert weather……. Really cold overnight then dry sunny and warm(ish) as the day goes by.  And by the look of last night’s forecast that’s the way it’s going to be for the next few days

So all there is to say is:-

Where’s my thermal undies and it’s Beef Stew for dinner 😊

26 thoughts on “Hello Winter….

  1. Love this! How it’s getting hot, up here. And it’s getting cold, where you are. Keeps us on our toes, remembering this. 🙂

    Wish I could swim. never learned. Polio was rampant, when I was a child. So parents never let me go swimming.

    But swimming is supposed to be wonderful, for we “ladies of a certain age,” all ways. 🙂 Keep doing it! It’s wonderful for you.


    1. It’s a strange and wonderful world isn’t it Nana 😎
      Polio was around when I too was a child in England but didn’t stop the swimming lessons. Just about every Australian child is taught to swim these days. A necessary skill.


    1. Still a bit of salad consumed here during the winter Marie but as you say – comfort food will be the way to go. Raiding the fridge/freezer today – Chicken and Vegetable soup cooking for tomorrow.


  2. If was a balmy .5 when I left for the pool. And I don’t think they adjusted the water temp at all!
    Our wood fire is going great guns and the only thing keeping me going, is knowing in two weeks we head up north to the Northern Territory
    I’m getting older and I’m feeling it in my bones!
    Rug up and stay warm my friend xx


    1. Ooh The Territory- at this time of the year just the word conjures up delightful days, maybe a little humidity but best of all warmth 😊
      Even the water in the pools will be warm lol


    1. I have to confess I like my summer days a little warmer Joanne – however being able to sleep is a necessary need so I like the cool nights in summer as well


  3. Your pool is warmer than our sea. I guess I’ll have to start swimming soon though. As you say it is ideal exercise … And keeps us cool till September.


    1. Lol Linda – my pool is definitely warmer than OUR sea as well at the moment. No way I’m even contemplating paddling let alone swimming in it – although there are some who do so during the winter. Called ‘icebergers’ usually silly old men 😊


  4. Swimming is the best… tho lately I seem to prefer the hot tub affter my swim even more. I grew up when polio was still around. We didn’t have a local pool, so all lessons happend at the lake… taught by my mother, who was the community summer recreation director. Beef sew sounds perfect for a winter dinner!


    1. Oh Gram can anything replace the pleasure of stepping into nice warm water after the coolness of the big pool. One of life’s little pleasures indeed. Then of course there’s the cool trudge back to the change room where in the winter the sign on the door says – the heaters on, come in and don’t forget to close the door after you!


  5. Delighted to have you stop by my blog where I write from sunny Southern California U.S.. it’s going to get sunnier and sunnier here with our summer arriving soon. A friend gets needed relief from some of her med issues by swimming and exercising in the pool so hope you achieve the same.


  6. …And in the midsection of the U.S., it’s been unusually hot. I think we’re skipping the spring season altogether, excepting a couple of gorgeous days in the 60s and 70s. We’ve got the usual spring rains though, so, it’s becoming kind of rain-forest-like.


  7. definitely winter mode across the ditch in New Zealand – when it’s cool as in the 3-6C at night it’s bright sunny day – but when it’s more in the 12C at night it’s raining…and often quite gusty…
    if doesn’t get much above 12c in the daytime you can be sure it’s snowing down south and a very cold wind is up here…
    then there are mixed bag days where suddenly the sun comes out – but just as sudden in it goes and the slanty rain reappears…

    I live in Auckland which is a very narrow part of our islands land mass, we have fickle weather either gliding over from Australia or winging it’s way in from the other side the Pacific Ocean or breezing up from the Sth Pole!!!


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