Monday Musings….

Just a few thoughts running through my mind early this Monday morning

As you can see it’s a bit of a weighty problem

It’s all to do with my homesick kilos.  They leave home for quite a while then decide to move back in again  I really need them to move out permanently!

Because of them this how I feel – Very big

Just like this wide load seen on a country road during one of our trips to Queensland 😎

I was beginning to think those pesky little Cs could have been the problem so I asked Maxine what the answer was 😊











You’d never guess what……it seems the answer was right under my nose……I’d been using shampoo in the shower as soap!  Don’t laugh but it seems I should have been using washing up liquid instead!    Well we learn something new each day 😊😊

Oh the joys of first world problems lol

I’m about to put the kettle on – come on in, sit down, and tell me

How’s your Monday’s going?

17 thoughts on “Monday Musings….

  1. Smiling. Broadly.
    Which I need today. The dread disease has given me toothache. Bad, keep you awake toothache. And, since there is nothing wrong with the affected teeth, there is no solution.


    1. Yours is not a nice disease EC not that any disease is but yours does seem to have so many ‘shapes and forms’. From what I’ve read no two sufferers have the same symptoms.
      Hope the tooth ache lessens over the next day or two


  2. Funny, I was just gazing down at my midriff today, summer weather here in Ontario, Canada, and realizing that no matter how well I watch what I eat, it has settled comfortably out and into old age. 🙂


    1. Lol Maggie I thought you said you had been contemplating your navel and it had grown out 😊
      My midriff is comfortably rotund!


  3. LOL – my blog post today is about getting in the groceries…I ordered them sunday arvo online for delivery this morning between 10.30-12.30pm and the guy I think drove down at that first number…then there is much fun, slotting everything away.

    And reminding myself what I didn’t order – I actually couldn’t decide on some soap – somehow I wanted to fondle the actual product so that’s something I need to pick up soon; although I find some in my going away kit…then some others things that escaped my list, anyway…

    rest of the day “tv on demand” – and looking for something in my memory boxes which is to do with my new plans about art-making.

    oh, I’m much better from that lurgy last week, so I might be away tomorrow taking pictures of flowers at the greenhouses…’cause apparently that glowing golden ball is to be in the skies radiating down upon the inhabitants (according to weather guru)


    1. It’s good to hear your really on the mend Cathy- we’ve been ‘promised’ sunshine as well. Desperately need more rain tho’


  4. Ahhh yes! Those Pounds. Kilos. Stone. Sigh… They get so very happy, that they simply will not budge. Actually, if I “budged” more (as in walked), perhaps they would be inclined to move on????


    Not that I shouldn’t walk, for health. Just that, it doesn’t seem to worry my pounds, when I do it.

    Yes, ahhhhh our First World problems…. We who struggle with tooooo much to eat. And others, struggle with too little….

    But “cleaning our plates,” never helped one of them…


    1. Walkers of the world unite – make it a condition that for every km walked a kg of weight is lost ! Doesn’t work that way unfortunately lol
      The washing up liquid idea seems to be a better option – dissolves fat 😊


  5. Monday so far has been busy.
    Swimming, coffee with the girls, getting nails done
    A spot of grocery shopping and I even got some sewing done
    About to sit with my crochet and a coffee
    Yup. Gotta love our first world lives.
    Very blessed we are xxxx


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