Slowly does it….

Yes, there are times when ‘slowly does’ it is the right way
It’ll get done in it’s own time

Last year a craft book called Slow Knitting was published – from all accounts it has been received quite well but not having actually seen it I can’t actually say much about it (being a bit on the pricey side that’ll have to wait until my library obtains a copy) seemingly it talks about slowing down and taking time to savour your craft – To think about and enjoy all aspects of your craft.

“Like the “slow food” movement, Slow Knitting encourages knitters to step back, pare down, and celebrate the craftsmanship of their work. In five chapters centered around the tenets of slow knit­ting—sourcing carefully, making thoughtfully, thinking environmentally, experimenting fearlessly, and exploring openly—Hannah Thiessen challenges knitters of all skill levels to view their practice in a new way. Each chapter contains explorations of fiber types; profiles of well-known yarn types, makers, and yarn suppliers; and garment patterns inspired by the featured fibers. With contributions from knitting superstars Norah Gaughan, Bristol Ivy, and many others, Slow Knitting proposes an approach to knitting that is both minimalist and all-encompassing, and emphasizes what makes knitting a meditation, a passion, and a unique necessity.” source

It also suggests not to stop knitting gifts but not to put yourself under stress by having so many to finish by a certain time.  Now that’s something I learned the hard way a long time ago so if I do knit as a gift I give it when I feel the time is right not because it’s Christmas/Birthday time and that’s when gifts are given.

As always there’s been some knitting going on in my house……really slow knitting this time ……..some that has taken a fair while to finish.  Talk about slowly does it – with my interests lying in other directions over the past month this little cardigan finally got done all in it’s own time.

Selecting the wool/yarn from my boxes I did finger it, squashing it in my hand, wondering what it could be used best for – a bit dark for a tiny baby so was it to be a toddler size cardigan or jumper/sweater?  Boy or girl style? We still tend to think of boys in blue but girls wear blue as well don’t they?

It’s not quite as dark as it looks but needed something to make it stand out – to be more than just a child’s cardigan – a decorative stitch that did just that.  Sort of like a mock cable – and what about pockets?  Little ones love pockets don’t they!

Simpler than it looks the ‘cable stitch’ is worked over 4 rows – Knit one row, purl one row, decrease with a sk2sso (slip one, knit 2, slip stitch over)  in the middle of the set stitches on the next one, yarn over in that spot to make up the stitches on the next row.  The grey/blue buttons were all I had (another trip coming up so need to save my pennies here and there) but when it was all put together it didn’t think it looked too bad.


Do you remember the Slow TV phenomenon that came to us over the past year or so…….. well as today is Friday the day we try to have Fun.  Today I really think we should have some fibre fun.  I know a few of my readers will think this video fun with a capital F

You don’t have to watch it all – just enjoy some of this peaceful restful video of a group of knitters with their crocheting friends having fun – in real time – real slow time!!

Enjoy your Fun Friday – and click on the photos to enlarge


9 Replies to “Slowly does it….”

  1. I know a llot of knitters and crochet people – some fast, some quite slow – many with many projects either languishing or under way…


  2. I’m a really slow knitter anyway. Family knows that if they want a garment they may have to wait a couple of winters. Now I only knit on biig needles with thiiick wool so it grows faster but also I crochet granny stitch blankets, round and round. Continued anytime, anywhere to whatever size it is when I get tired of continuing it!


  3. What happened to slow tv? I have already forgotten about it. No, not simpler than it looks. It looks very complicated to me. You are pretty clever with your needles.


  4. I would not have to worry about slow. I start socks and knit for weeks and then put it away and when I feel like it I get it out. Just cannot stick with one thing too long. I usually volunteer a lot in the winter months so now I am relaxing at our summer RV campground and I try to go for walks and see a bit more of nature in other words relax. Your knitting is beautiful and the sweater is lovely.


  5. Slow knitting. Sounds like Wisdom.

    Oh the pressure people put on themselves, trying to complete too many gifts, in too short a time. Hope that is a thing of the past, for many.


  6. What a lovely cardigan I really like the pockets. I agree about slow knitting, I gave up rushing for birthdays. If I have completed something near a birthday then good, if not the receipient gets it when I am done. I shall be enjoying some slow knitting myself this weekend.


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