Words for Wednesday……

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using word or picture prompts           Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them

This month (May) Elephant’s Child is providing the prompts on behalf of a friend        And these two pictures are this week’s prompts 😊

The photos are provided by Bill Dodds – visit his blog HERE

And this is my very meagre contribution

~ ~ ~ ~

Mother and Daughter

But Mum…..

I don’t care what the Girly Gull Gang are going to do. You aren’t going to go there.

But Mum…..

No buts about it, chips are bad for you.

But Mum…..

Hanging around the pop up chip shop at the rocky end of the breakwater is not what I want for my girl.

But Mum….

How many times do I have to tell you, fish is what we eat.

But Mum….

Come on, stop your squawking, I’m in a hurry.  I need to nip down the dock and see what they’re tossing off the boats.  Best free feed in town!

~ ~ ~ ~

Now it’s over to you – this week I’d really like to hear/read what you could come up with using these picture prompts.  I’m sure it would be a better effort than mine!

6 thoughts on “Words for Wednesday……

  1. yep, hard to top your “story” – trying to think what I might have to say on any matter…ok here goes:

    My feet are killing me, how much further Mum?
    Really, you said you wanted to go over to the lake…
    Why can’t we just fly?
    You know why, last night you landed on a deck chair, on a very fat man who was trying to get a tan…
    Oh, I wasn’t aiming of him
    You weren’t, then who?
    No that blonde squatting with her knickers down…


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