Wondering while Washing Up on a Wednesday……

When The Golfer does the washing up he just digs in and gets it done in what seems to be record time.  I like to sort things beforehand and do things in order ……small things go to the back of the drainer,  larger plates come next with big things placed on top.  After rinsing the pots and pans go upside down on the stove before I dry and put away.

And as usual while washing up my mind wanders here, there and everywhere.

Take earlier this morning:-

  • I know some of us take prescribed medication but how many take over the counter bits and pieces like vitamins on a regular basis?

As well as the Vitamin D I need to bring my levels up to ‘normal’ the doctor suggested that Magnesium may help with muscle cramps – the bane of my life.   Whether true or not I do know when I take it regularly I don’t wake during the night screaming the house down because my calf  (usually my left one) is ‘on fire’  Lots of ooh, this is hurting as I stand beside the bed trying stretch it out and then lie there wondering ‘what did I do in my sleep to cause that’




  • We still have our Telstra landline – it’s needed to connect to our ISP – and I don’t see us getting rid of it in the near future.  I wonder how many of you have committed to giving yours up and now only use or rely on your mobile/cell phone?

I think the main reason we hold on to ours is that if the electricity goes off it still works unlike all the extra ‘cord free’ extensions we have in the house that rely on power.   Yes we do both have mobiles (prepaid) but need to remember to keep them fully charged.  As well as that, a while ago we negotiated a new local plan covering unlimited local plus a refundable discount on other calls and services.  Fairly low set price (think line rental cost) unless we go over that limit and I’m all for knowing what my bills will be.



  • As I stood there my thoughts turned to why does my nose drip so much?  Do any of you suffer in the same way and do you have any tips to alleviate the problem?

Don’t laugh but I’m constantly sniffing….and at times snorting…(very un ladylike behaviour)  I don’t seem to be able to go far without having to wipe that awful dewdrop from the end of my delicate nose.  There doesn’t seem to be a physical reason and the season of the year makes no difference so the doctor and pharmacist both recommend various sprays – which have no lasting effect except to make my nose very very dry.  Years ago during yoga classes with a ‘wise old gentleman’ he would make general ‘health’ suggestions, one of which was to cleanse the nasal passages by sniffing small amounts of warm water up each nostril. I’ve found this does help…..when I remember to do it 😊



  • And of course the age old question surfaced……..Do I reply to blog comments.  Just wondering because this is starting to bother me – How do you feel?

Some bloggers answer each and every one – I’ve tried but often get bogged down with time or finding the ‘right’ thing to say. Thank you is good but seems a bit weak. Some bloggers reply on the post, some by email, others not at all except to answer a question.  Is it necessary – because how many return to see if there was a follow up comment by the blog author?

All answers on a postcard please 😎

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  1. We have our landline but of the power goes out so does the nbn and it won’t work. So that theory is now void. It was the reason I kept it too.
    I too like to micro organise the washing. So yes does take me longer
    I don’t answer all comments but every now and again one will kinda need one.
    Life is busy enough I think
    I take peered magnesium and it really does work. Much better and faster than the tablets.


  2. I enjoyed this pondering post very much! Keeping landline is a good idea, but we gave ours up due to the expense, for very little more $ we keep two cellphones (pay as you go), a cable internet service, and a VOIP telephone (MagicJack). The cell phones will work when the power goes out, but the VOIP phone goes down when either the power or the internet service goes out… the combination though, of cell phone and VOIP seems to work for us.

    I am one of those bloggers who responds to almost every comment, I am just a gabby gal I think. I don’t really expect responses when I comment on blogs, but I always click the notify me of comments on the entry, just in case. In my view it is the bloggers and commenters preference, no right or wrong way to do it.


  3. I will get Leo to try magnesium…he suffers from cramp too.
    We used to wash up together, but now it is down to me I like to organise the stuff first…and then the mind wanders while getting on with it. The view from the window is of the mountain behind the house and the front garden, so there is usually something to distract me
    We have the landline…unless the lines go down it is reliable…whereas the power is not!
    I reply to all comments on the blog…but a number of blogs I like do not…it doesn’t bother me, each blog has its style.


  4. I’ve tried but haven’t continued to reply to comments because I know that there are times when if a blogger responded to my comment on her blog, I never got back to check, or if I don’t go to a particular blog every single day then I have to click back and back and back to see. (I always go back to Maggie’s to see because I know she responds to every comment.)
    If a comment requires a reply, I address it in a following entry.
    Otherwise I’ve started to click on the Like button below the comment, just to let the reader know I’ve seen and appreciated the comment.

    We’ve been considering getting rid of our landline for the same reasons as you, and are keeping it for the same reasons. So far. Mostly now it’s because my taller half has had the same phone # for 35 years and can’t quite part with it, and it can’t be carried over to a cellphone at this point.

    In our house, my taller half can wash dishes a lot faster than I can. However they aren’t as clean, and he never, ever completely finishes the job. Something is always left to be done later, and by me. I take my time washing dishes nowadays, and boy does it make a difference to how I feel about that chore. I don’t hurry, hoping to soon be able to do something else. Nope. I get myself into the present and stay there.



  5. I hear you on the dreadful, dreadful cramps. And waking up shrieking. Magnesium didn’t make a lot of difference for me. I hope it continues to help you
    I too take longer to wash up than my partner. And my mind wanders off. One night (goodness knows where it came from) I worked out that if you add the digits of any multiple of nine together you will get nine.
    I reply to comments almost always, but it is a very individual decision. No right and no wrong.


  6. I with you about organising the dishes before anything thing else. I expect if you had a dishwasher, like me you would be a good dishwasher stacker.

    We still have a landline, mainly because it doesn’t cost us anything and there is phone put away that works without mains power.

    The water sniffing thing, isn’t it like jumping in the water and water goes up your nose? Unpleasant.

    I answer most comments, except when people just say a lot of thank yous or a reply is not really appropriate or needed. I try not to answer one person’s comment and not another person’s in the same post, unless one is a direct question. But I think it is your blog so do as you wish and what you feel comfortable with.


  7. I sort my washing up, clean small things first then bigger and dirtier next. We still have a landline because I like to keep my mobile for family and friends only. I don’t have a dripping nose and I do answer comments in the main, unless there is a big gap from publishing to comment, unless I feel it needs an answer. It seem sjust good manners to me. Oh and I try to take as little medicine as possible including vitamins.


  8. I stack my dishes in a certain order in the drain rack. I take many OTC (over the counter) medications along with my prescription meds. My nose drips and drips. I always wonder about replying to blog comments. Did i write this post for you today?


  9. I don’t do dishes, but I do wipe down the kitchen once a week. Generally. My mind uses the rest of my time to cover idle thoughts. I looked into the dripping nose only yesterday. Mine drips so constantly I have a raw undernose, like a pathetic toddler. I read I need more water, to keep the nose membranes inflated, and, failing in that cure, the use of a netti pot.


  10. I don’t take any over the counter medicines, but I do take a multivitamin and a few other supplements. I wash dishes by hand and air dry them, and it doesn’t usually take much time — there are just the two of us.


  11. A few years ago I realised my dish drainer was causing more problems with the seemingly clean items – I put it out with the garbage. Since then I have not used one – rather I have thick cloth that I lay down, pile stuff on it – in some sort of order – cover it with another cloth, and leave it work out it’s wetness. Sometimes I have to give something a “once over” the next day…
    Here, I wouldn’t know where to store a drainer as it is…so a couple of hooks for my cloths does me fine…

    your other issues aren’t particularly mine, my cramp is usually in my big toe – either foot, but not had it trouble me lately. I only take over the counter things, like Painkiller or some other minor ailment, I know I don’t need to see the doctor for. Nose drips (nill) replys to blog posts, I try to keep on top – but most of your know I get “behinds”…


    1. I remember a friend, peering into a below sink cupboard and saying “where’s your drainer?” – and me saying “just leave the dishes, I’ll do them later…” she never got an answer about where the D was!
      It’s strikes me as quite funny – maybe it’s a hold-over from the colonists 🙂


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