When things didn’t quite go to plan….

Strike while the iron is hot!

Another of my mother’s sayings 😊

As ironing wasn’t one her favourite pastimes (a trait passed down to her oldest daughter) I used to wonder why she said that – it wasn’t until I was a bit older I realised it meant ‘do it while you can, when the opportunity arises’ or something like that.

So last week, not having the inclination to do anything but feel sadness over losing Kiera I spent time gathering together and laundering all the old cat bedding.  It plus other ‘stuff’ will all be donated to the nearby Animal Aid and even though my friends thought I was daft I knew I had to do it then or it would never get done.

That’s when I saw the seam.  Right there near the crease.

Many years ago…..in another lifetime…… I used to breed Burmese cats.  Flannelette sheets (soft, warm and easily laundered) were what I used for kitten bedding.  These were from the children’s single beds when they were younger and being one to never throw anything away I had loads sitting at the back of the linen cupboard….just the thing to be used again.

Going back many years from that the girls had decided they would like their bedroom to be green.  The Golfer drew the line at painting the walls that colour so I persuaded them the way you do when short of cash (it’s this or nothing lol) maybe we could do this or maybe that so there’s green in your room.

Green floral sheets….like the ones below…. came first – then the ladies in the local op shop (charity shop) found those green flannelette sheets plus a very large queen size pale green candlewick bedspead which I cut in half to make ones for their single beds. Their blankets were cream wool ones we brought out to Australia with us (two still hide with old towels in the ‘just never know when they’ll be needed’ corner of the hall cupboard) and there was no way I was going to buy new ones so we dyed a couple.  I nearly died when I saw the very dark green they turned out but the girls thought them ‘cool’  It was when our big girl came home with a green beaded doorway curtain I knew the room was finished.  All was good for a couple of years or more then the warm flannelette sheets started looking a bit thin in the middle….remember they were second hand…so still being short of cash the thinking cap went on and it was ‘I know I’ll do what mum would have done- turn sides to middle’.  Only it didn’t quite work as well as I thought – the girls hated sleeping on them  ‘They’re lumpy, they don’t look nice (??) I’ll catch my toenails in the seam, put them on the boys beds’

The look and feel of the sheets wasn’t that bad really – you know what teenage girls can be like- however come tax time when bed linen next came on sale two new sheets came home with me and the old ones were relegated to the bottom of the pile.

As you can see,  at the moment all those old sheets are destined for a local animal shelter; although I did see The Golfer looking at them and muttering something about needing some new ‘rags’ so maybe, just maybe they’ll end up staying a little while longer.

Thinking about the sheet saga reminded me of other thrifty deeds that didn’t turn out as planned.  Like the time i was trying to flesh out a pan of stew with dumplings and we ended up with a very thick gluggy mess when the dumplings disintergrated.  Don’t think I’ll live that one down 😟

Honestly if you don’t laugh you’ll end up crying 😊😎

2006 Kiera’s last litter.

3 Lilac females – 1 Blue male – 2 Chocolate males.

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  1. You remind me of visiting my friend who owns a kennel. Our “amusements” often include an afternoon of thrift stores or garage sales, buying “bedding” for the kennels. Old flannel sheets, towels, blankets.


  2. interesting what we discover when we decide to tidy up – and if it’s an object like yours with histories, from new to now – even more interesting. But yep, there does come in a time, when it’s time move your object on…


  3. I like projects where I’m not fussy about the outcome for that very reason. Even if I mess up, I can usually finagle something to turn it into a different project altogether.


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