Not too bad in the end…..

Life is always full of little surprises isn’t it ?

Take yesterday- it was about 2pm when I told you about the cold wet miserable day we were having.   Well, a bit like the Incy Wincy Spider ryme I used to sing to my babies,  just after that the sun came out and dried up all the rain lol.

Not long after that The Golfer received an SMS from the electricity supplier saying the power could be interrupted.

No worries I said to him ‘we have gas, we’ll be alright’  I’d taken a batch cooked casserole out of the freezer in the morning and it was almost defrosted – if it goes off I’ll warm it up on the stove instead of the microwave. We can boil water in a saucepan if needed for hot drinks.

And of course not long after that it happened – yes power was off.

Oh bother I didn’t have time to run the vacuum round the lounge as planned (it had been sitting there waiting patiently since 9am) also no tv or radio – never mind quiet is good.  It didn’t really sink in until I went to turn the hot tap on – need it to work the water heater.  We coasted through the day wrapped in a blanket – ooh it’s really getting chilly now – oh, need it to work the fan on the gas heater.  Getting darker – never mind we have large household candles (somewhere) and big dolphin torches (oops not so bright, oops no spare battery in the drawer.) I’m sure we’ll survive.

Dinner by candlelight……on our blanket covered laps….was lovely.

I’d charged my iPad earlier and had plenty of ‘simple’ knitting  – The Golfer (no real life book to read) trying to read a ebook wasn’t too impressed with his level but remembered we had one of those mobile charger thingies (fully charged) so that gave him power and kept him happy.  He also remembered some music downloads on his iPad so we also had music – a couple of c/w albums and a Johnny Mathis one.  I became very familiar with them all 😊

About 8pm in the pouring rain I nipped up to the nearby Woolies (thank goodness for our long trading hours) for more candles – they were burning down at an alarming rate – plus another dolphin battery.  Nothing worse than sitting in a dark loo with the light from the torch getting dimmer by the seconds lol

Driving back I could see linesmen working in one of the streets across the main road, up on their cherrypickers, illuminated by those bright mobile lights they use.  If the road hadn’t been blocked off (with a diversion for local traffic) I’d have gone that way and Asked a few questions but thought it prudent to stay dry and leave well enough for alone lol

It wasn’t until much later……well after 9.30pm……that the power came back on.  It wasn’t too bad in the end.  Yes we were inconvenienced but in reality we were safe, dry and relatively warm however I’m not sure how I could have coped for more than a day though.

The scene this morning as I was clearing up after our little candlelight event
Each time we have a power cut and I use those ‘u shaped candlesticks’ I smile and remember the two young boys who made them all those years ago in their metal work classes at the tech college

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  1. Dual candles! What brilliant lighting. When you are for a time without electricity, you do really appreciated when it returns. A couple of weeks ago our water was off about six hours. Our only preparation was fill the kettle to the brim. I am annoyed and bored with no water thing, so I will go and put a load of washing on. I fully loaded the machine with clothes and put in the soap powder before the penny dropped. I think, we have lots of tall basic white candles.


  2. I’m anticipating a water shut off in the near future, while some lines are replaced. I wish U shaped candles would fix that. Those are so sweet. I think it’s like the metal dust pan my mother used for years. My brother made it in his shop class.


  3. What a pleasure it is to read about your adventure! My dependence on electricity is significant, although I can go for long periods of time without it if I have to. I am the woman with thousands of paper books, just waiting for me to make time to visit them again!


  4. We have no gas here. So when the power goes off the only cooking I can do during the summer is bbq the winter isn’t too bad as our fireplace has a cooktop so I can make soup or boil the kettle
    Our hot water runs during the night and our tank is big enough to last all the next day. Any longer and we would be in trouble.
    Thank goodness. It’s never been that long. I think in that case I’d take the van and go away for the duration lol
    Glad you survived xx


  5. Love those candle holders.
    Our power cuts are usually minutes rather than hours and even then I am appalled at how dependent we have become.
    No gas to cook on either.


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