Repeat performance….

Honestly, if it’s not one thing it’s another!.

Something my mother was fond of saying.

I thought, well that was the last thing I should have done, for two days now I’ve been thinking I’d sit down and have a chat but between our ISP and WordPress that’s as far as it got.  Fingers crossed this time 😊

‘When I was growing up in England there was a little game we girls (never the boys lol) would play in the playground as we sang a song about going in and out the windows.  A group of us would stand in a circle holding and then raising the hand of the person next to you so they looked like arches, then another girl would make her way around the cirle going under/in and out of the ‘windows’ as we sang along.  There were other actions but I’m a little hazy where they’re concerned.

This little tune and the tag line … we have done before …………was running through my mind at certain times over the weekend- but I have to go back to February first before I tell you why.

Taking a lead from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, as far as I was concerned my description of this past summer was an ‘aestas horribilis’ – a horrible summer! Extremely hot and humid – uncomfortable – my asthma played up, I couldn’t settle, then to top it off I developed a UTI.

If you’ve ever had one you’ll know that feeling of constantly ‘wanting to go ‘ and then the other feeling that comes along with it ‘lpeeing broken glass’  tiring and painful.   We have a wonderful product here called Ural – little sachets of fizzy powder that are a mix of bicarb soda, citric acid, tartaric acid (as well as a few other bits and pieces) which help enormously by neutralising the acidic urine so relieving the symptoms before an antibiotic kicks.

Going back for a check visit after finishing the wizbang antibiotics recommended for bladder infections I mentioned how tired and weary I felt.  We talked about the heat, the UTI and coping with mature age asthma all of which could have made me feel that way, blood tests were arranged but everything turned out normal.  And the tiredness disappeared- but then so had the heat lol

Fast forward to Monday evening and those ‘funny little feelings’ come back again –  yes a repeat performance.  I was in and out of the toilet as ‘I had done before’  Luckily I managed to get into a cancelled appt at the GPs Tuesday morning and began the same antibiotics that night.

Just out of curiosity I looked at Mr G***le and discovered one of the possible side effects could be ‘tiredness and fatigue’ …’s early days yet but I’m wondering……was the weariness I felt back in February the result of all those factors mentioned to the doctor OR a side effect of the antibiotic?


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    1. The words Dusky Bluebells sound familiar Cathy but Windows was the song at our school 😊
      Feeling much better now thank you.


    1. I love little reminders of our childhood Dianne- not so sure of being reminded how many years have passed though 😊 I did try to remember the names of my playground friends but failed miserably 😔


  1. You poor thing. I hate UTI’s
    Yes that ural is fantastic. I always have a packet on hand.
    The heat really did do a number on our health. Hopefully your feeling much better soon


  2. The muggy heat we were experiencing was shocking! I hate it. But I brought the cooler weather to here where I live. I was so fed up with the sticky steamy heat I relented and bought a new pedestal fan…I’ve an old one that I’d not used in years and I feared if I did plug it in it would blow the place up. Hence the new fan.

    It was delivered to my door…I assembled it; turned it on to make sure it worked. I let it run for less than 10 minutes, and I’ve not used it since…because the temperature decided to drop and the humidity decreased!!! Who needs the Bureau of Meteorology when you’ve got me? I should’ve bought it at the beginning of summer!! 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been experiencing, Cathy…I hope all is well again soon…if not already.

    I’d not thought of that game in many a long year!!

    Have yourself a Happy Easter…take good care. 🙂


    1. LOL on your purchase Lee…..We used our fans all summer. The evaporative cooling is only suitable for dry scorchers so there was one or two days when I gave in, closed everything up and turned the really old refrigerated one on. Our saving grace was the overhead fans in the bedrooms and a large pedestal one in the lounge (which I carried out onto the deck some afternoons).
      Fickle Melbourne weather means this morning I’m sitting on the deck in trackie dacks and a long sleeved top……..12c overnight 23c top temp……..not sure when the high of the day is going to arrive……probably in time for tea 😊


  3. Oh yes heat, humidity and tiredness all go together. I have got my mo-jo back now that the temps have dropped. UTI ugh… the chemist recommended a herbal pill called “Ellura” it works for me. I always have it in the cupboard (or take it with me when we go anywhere) and pop a pill at the first tingle…Also eat cranberries.

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    1. You know Pauline I often wonder what the first settlers to Queensland felt when they experienced all that hot humid weather……wearing all that clothing. Somehow I think that after a while some of the ladies ‘left off’ a few unseen layers 😊
      Thanks for the name of another ’emergency aid’ for the dreaded UTI. Next time I’m in the health food shop I’ll have a look and see if it’s available down here.

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  4. Hi Cathy, sorry to read about your uti and repeats – they’re horrible to get and combined with the asthma it’s no wonder you’ve been feeling tired, it does take a while to get back to feeling ok.
    I’d been told quite a while back by a women’s health nurse to take a course of probiotics towards the end and for a few weeks after the antibiotics as the side effects of antibiotics can (for some) result in a vag infection… just to add to the ‘fun’ !
    I’ve since always done that and most times it has worked. Just saying :D)
    All the best and I am also enjoying the cooler weather.


  5. I remember that game and the chant that went along with it. I wasn’t a girl but I did play it. Was it not Oranges and Lemons? My partner has experienced problems down below, now fixed by bloke surgery.


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