Today was Monday…..

A touchy Internet connection for the best part of last week meant little if any blog browsing for me.  I’d find something interesting and lose it so a fair amount of knitting was done to compensate.   The Golfer took me out to lunch and we finally got some rain, they were a plus – someone decided to let their car get up close and personal with my little Lance 2, which definitely was a minus.

Oh how I’d really like a larger storage cupboard in the laundry because I had to pop out to the garage really really early this Monday morning aka today to retrieve a 12 pack of loo rolls and shivered in my shoes.  All thoughts of replacing the empty pack went out the window yesterday as the rain came tumbling down – definitely wouldn’t want to have to revert to this though.

My family immediate never did but I vaguely remember my granny in Belfast had an outside lav/loo looking very much like this.

The cooler temps this morning meant it was out with the short sleeves and iin with the long as well as a rummage through the wardrobe last night for some lightweight jeans to wear to my volunteer ‘job’ this morning.

I laughed years ago when the volunteer coordinator at the nursing home said, ‘You don’t have to be dressed to kill, just neat and tidy.  Some of ‘our ladies’ will not be backward in coming forward to tell you what they think of your dress style.  True to her word one resident (who, sadly not with us now, had previously been a hairdresser and also owned a clothing shop) would always pass a compliment on my hair or one item of clothing.  She would also be known to suggest when it ‘might be time for a trim’

So still reeling from the unfolding details of the ball tampering scandal enveloping the Australian cricket team I went off to spend the morning encouraging some of the oldies to remember tunes they would have been familiar with in their younger days.  We are getting closer to the mid 1950s music but still feature songs from the early 1900s and WW1 era because some of the ladies are well on their way to 100.  There’s something about seeing a person close their eyes and mouth the words of a song yet be unable to hold what many would (unfortunately) describe as ‘a sensible conversation’ that makes me realise the powerful effect music has on the mind.

On a lighter note I found this article last night on what is definitely a first world problem- what clothes are most comfortable to wear on a long haul flight

From there it was a 30 minute drive to the crash repair business in Knoxfield to leave Lance 2 in their capable hands.  Obtaining the other parties details meant the excess on our part was waived – and I got a ‘free’ ride home in a taxi.  Here’s hoping it gets done in the time quoted, not sure how I’ll cope….. or should I say we’ll cope……if I have to wait until after the Easter holiday.  Another first world problem 😊

And of course the first thing I remembered  when I arrived home was I should have popped into the shops to pick up some vegetables for dinner so it ended up being a seek and you might find ‘what’s left in the freezer’ meal.

Pumpkin soup found hiding down the bottom accompanied by garlic bread also lurking in the bottom.  Followed by…..wait for it….tinned creamed rice (a old comfort favourite of mine) with the last of what might be the last of the strawberries from the farm near the golf course and a dollop of strawberry jam.

Coffee with one of those lovely dutch almond fingers finished off my very cheap….but not nasty…Monday night meal.

The other news during the day has been the cold snap that has brought early SNOW to the High Country.  Mt Buller is just over a 2hr drive from my house- no wonder it was cold!

How was your Monday?  Do you have anything special planned?


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  1. I didn’t know that you could buy creamed rice! I’ll have to look into that. Sounds good.
    Sorry about your wheels, how long until it is repaired?


  2. You have had a busy Monday, Cathy! I hope your car wasn’t damaged?
    It’s still very much Monday here while you head toward Tuesday. We have been to all those places which aren’t supermarkets but which we needed to visit – B&Q, a DIY outlet for somethings for husband, ditto ScrewFix for some hinges for something he’s making; Dunelm to check out some material for summer curtains – not my favourite store, but if we decide to have some summer curtains made I won’t want to spend the earth on them as they will only be hanging for about three or four months at most, and I want unlined, pale cream, not voile but very thin, unlike our heavy, lined brocade curtains for winter. Then lunch in a favourite café overlooking the sea, and then a visit to the Range (a cheapie place but with some good, named products as well as the old tut) for dishwasher tabs, and also to Lidl for all the cleaning products and things like kitchen caddy bags and washing up liquid. Indeed, this morning could be called How-to-part-with-lots-of-money-without-really-trying!
    Margaret P


  3. I always find your comments on weather interesting, since we are on opposite sides of the seasons! We are having nasty windy weather, while waiting for spring to pop up her head! Stay warm…I got chilled just reading about your trip outside to the garage!


  4. Monday has been ok. Library volunteering- trousers always needed for bending purposes. A lovely sunny day and a pleasure to be in the garden this afternoon.


  5. A busy and productive Monday. Sigh on the crumpled car front though.
    I can remember talking to a woman whose husband had severe dementia. He no longer recognised her or spoke. Yet when a familiar tune was played he sang. Music obviously claims deep rooted parts of our brain.


  6. That outdoor loo reminds me of a few over here. Better than just a hole in the ground lol
    Snow on the mountains….winter really is approaching. These in-between seasons are so variable, you never know whether to dress heavy or light.
    Great to be reading your blog again


  7. my actual days, never really have a “actual word” attached to them…I think on Monday, I had realised that although this here new computer was better, it was in learning to drive it mode. This morning I just realised what some of the “new” problems were and I’ve rectified them…it is actually giving me less hassles.

    I do know and I think it’s today, there is a bus strike in bus peak hours, but I went out yesterday so I’ll be home today…Easter break may get out a bit, but depends on whether I really want to…


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