Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme with words or picture prompts given   Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them

This month (February) it is River who will be providing the prompts
And this is how I used them this week

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John’s Dream House

Looking at the exterior of the house and seeing the flicker of interest in the woman’s eyes John felt he was on to a winner.

His wife, this stunning madwoman standing beside him, had been after him to view the dilapidated property ever since it came onto the market but so far he had resisted.

The hilly approach road had to be considered, it’s proximity to the mountain lake was a worry, his grandfather’s prediction about a drowning was still ringing in his ears yet the thought of the show those beautiful rare white lilac trees would put on in the Spring was just too much for him to bear

Of course, all those beastly plane trees would have to go. He’d had enough problems with them in town when his eyes watered and his nose twitched courtesy of the pollen they produced.

Years later, sitting at the undertaker’s desk with so many houghts going through his mind he reminisced about the many seasons they enjoyed there – she gathering raw materials for her art and craft classes; he trying to write ‘the novel he had in him’ all the while laughing and joking and telling each other ‘if music be the food of love play on’ or giggling as they made sure ‘they had their love to keep them warm’

He remembered her concern for his health.  It didn’t matter what time of the year they drove up she had always been particular about food preparation and hygiene.  No nasty bugs or bacteria would have dared to show their face in her kitchen.

Also the way his crazy loveable zany wife would carefully boil the water drawn from the rain water tank they had installed to ensure it was safe for him to drink.

Unfortunately it was a bacterial infection that took her from him.

Well the result of one to be precise.

While she was recovering from a bout of bacterial pneumonia John had slowly walked her down for one last look at the lake, turned his back to gaze at their home and in her frail condition she wandered too close to the waters edge.

For a long time before that, even as both their healths had deteriorated, so many locals tried to approach John with a view to buying the house up in the hills.  He had refused to sell their ‘lakeside shack’ as he called it; saying there wasn’t enough cash in all the bank vaults in the world that would persuade him to part with it.

Once he realised his grandfather’s prediction had come true he reneged, saying it was time for new eyes to look at the old place.  It needed young lovers to once again live their lives there and fill the house with their dreams.

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  1. What a wonderfully well written story Cathy, a lot of emotion and so realistic. Nice job with the words just a great result all around.


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