And they’re off!……

The New Year came with all the festivities and thoughts of the future

Oh, let us enjoy this season we said, the year will begin all in good time!

Then all of a sudden

it seemed like we’d been lined up at the starters gate for quite a while

 Australia Day came and went – As did the start of the New School Year

And that’s when the starter’s gun went off – loud and clear

Since then it’s been go go go 😊😎

Last week the oldies in the Nursing Home who had missed the fun and games of their Musical Memories activity gave it their all (well all that they could remember), my choir had its first weekly rehearsal of the year, and talk at the first monthly book club get together for the year was about the oodles of books everybody read because it had been too hot to do anything else.  A busy day today began at the nursing home encouraging the residents who take part to exercise their brains by identifying the MM songs, then after picking up some books at the library designated for a February reading challenge I stopped talking about it and popped into the Leisure Centre to renew my gym membership.

It’s back to the pool tomorrow morning with the first meeting for 2018 of my local CWA Branch in the evening.  A Ladies Probus meeting on Wednesday morning followed by an assessment for a new exercise programme.  Thursday the new (to me) charity knitting group I mentioned a while back has their first gathering of the year so I’ll drop in to say Hello.

We have a new boundary fence going in some time this month so I’ve got some time earmarked to be spent clearing more of the fenceline on Friday.  My ‘tricky back’ means it can only be done in drips and drabs as I don’t want to be pencilling in visits to my lovely chiropractor on the calendar 😊

Then of course in the third week of the month there’s the mixed Probus group starting up again after the summer break as well as my VIEW club lunches .

Yes it sounds to me as if the Year Proper has finally begun.

Some people warned me I’d be bored stiff when I retired.  I’d miss the contact I’d had with the public all my working life.  Ha Ha don’t think there’s any chance of that happening.  Yet I’m very careful to make sure that tucked in amongst all these ‘voluntary commitments’ there is oodles of quiet time set aside for me to enjoy life.

By myself or with The Golfer.

When he’s not on the golf course that is 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maybe you’d like to tell what is happening in your life this Monday

19 Replies to “And they’re off!……”

  1. Wow. Busy busy.
    I’m kinda like you
    Between watching Melody and swimming five days a week
    There’s all the domestic stuff and our Knitting group starts up again this Wednesday
    We head off for a road trip to Caloundra this Friday, we will be away for two weeks. Then my nephews baptism, the first weekend back. I’m godmother
    That takes us to the end of February.
    I will be gone for Melody’s 2nd. Birthday but as we had her this weekend we took her shopping and got her a gift or two or three!
    March is hopefully a little quieter


  2. I laughed when I read about reading because it’s too hot. We read because it’s too cold to go out. We are on opposite sudes of the world after all!


  3. My Mondays are like all other days of the week. The same routine. Today however, a rarely made dish was made for lunch by the lady of the house and that lifted up the spirits somewhat.


    1. Hopefully you’ll be feeling much better soon Gigi. We enjoy sipping fresh lemon and honey in hot water if we get a cold. It’refreshing and soothing full of Vit C and other natural goodness. Get well soon


  4. Here, like Marie, we read because it’s too cold, rainy, or gloomy to be outside. I actually welcome these quiet, do nothing days! But yes, we must intersperse those kinds of days with busy ones (so as not to lose our minds!).


    1. You are so right Diane – we certainly need a bit of quiet calm in our days. Even though I relish being busy I can couch sit for hours like the best of them lol


  5. My partner is worried about how I will amuse myself when I retire. I am not. I’m more worried about having enough money to last me until pension age. Good to hear it has been positive for you. May I ask how long it is since you retired?


    1. Andrew I take it you are thinking about retiring before the officially recognised retirement age, in which case you’ll have to work out your regular yearly outgoings to get a simple answer to your worry.
      Retired from paid employment- about 15 years. Retired from life – never 😊
      Some years have been busy yet there have been others where due to ‘illness’ I’ve backed off and had quiet times.


  6. Hi there Cathy! I loved reading all your doings… you’ve got a really happy balanced life planned out this year as well as lots of ‘your’ time.
    Not a lot happening in my place, still have to take things slowly and get used to not going “gung ho” in the garden… more, kind of pottering and tinkering and a bit of painting thrown in lol. Cheers now and all the best :D) xx


    1. It’s early days yet Sue – I never know when the overwhelmed feeling is going to get to me. That’s when I ring in with an apology saying I’m having a sickie. Luckily I’ve decided on no committee commitments so I can get away with it……others can take on those responsibilities this year.

      I understand your need to go easy in the garden – it’s hard tho isn’t it. These very hot days are a good ‘excuse’ for not being out there with temptation staring us in the eye 🙂


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