Fond memories….

My mother wasn’t the best of cooks but one of her tips was after cooking a roast to drain most of the fat out of the pan and then add what was left to your gravy. Lots of meaty flavour in the gravy and you can use the fat another time.  Definitely one of her better tips 😊

  • Knowing Australia Day was going to be quite hot I cooked a lamb joint in the microwave on Thursday so we could have it cold with salady stuff.
  • Being a small half leg joint meant there wasn’t much in the way of juices in the cooking container.
  • Thinking I could still use it another day added a little bit of water and drained it into a tiny bowl.
  • Put into fridge and promptly forgot about it until yesterday.

Look what I had for my breakfast.  My version of Bread and Dripping.

Something I hadn’t eaten for many many years

(I did add a little bit of the brown juicy ‘stuff’ to my second slice)

There were times when we were little that mum would drain all the pan drippings into a container and we’d have it the next day on bread for tea.

Why don’t you join me in Monday Memories with some of your own

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  1. My stepmothers speciality was turkey fried bread, ie fried bread cooked in the leftover turkey dripping. It was very tasty, and about the only tasty thing she could cook!


  2. When I was a child the people across the road were very poor and the children ate bread and dripping. I tried it once and I thought it was disgusting.


  3. I have never had bread and dripping. Maybe my parents ate it all and never told us about it lol
    I have never cooked a roast in a microwave either. Maybe I’ll try both soon


  4. My mother was not a very good cook, my father made most of the important meals. BUT my mother made the most mouth watering breads and rolls.


  5. Remember my mum enjoying bread and dripping. The smell of it made me feel ill and I wouldn’t eat gravy as a child. It was only when I was older that I found out that you could make gravy without meat juices!


  6. I don’t remember that either – I do remember stale bread – slightly butter, vegmite and grated cheese and baked until crisp in the oven…

    I remember when I was at a family gathering a few years, a plate of them, but they weren’t crisp and actually I hated them…


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