A refreshing scene….

Me – refreshed and feeling more nimble after an early morning trip to the pool

Time spent floating in the water is a necessity I need 😊

Pillows – nicely refreshed and sanitised after a couple of hours in the fresh air

Time in the sun is a necessity ‘they’ need 😊

9 thoughts on “A refreshing scene….

    1. You’ve got a point there Andrew. The only time I’ve lived ‘above ground’was in Singapore back in the 1960s. All the laundry went out hooked on poles high above the ground. The amah sewed little loops on our pillows so she could slide them onto the poles to air.


  1. i’m behind on some blogs…(most blogs) – and it’s looks so serene & peaceful. I have watched from afar someone putting a biggish green mattress out to “?air” – I’ve new space to work with my laptop with a totally different window view 🙂


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