Tennis isn’t just tennis you know….

But first I’d like to say thank you to everyone who commented on the previous post about social media and all the odd goings on.  I enjoyed reading how you cope with the good the bad and the ugly side of it all.

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Tennis – that game where two people (or even four at times) hit a ball over a net trying to get the other person to make a mistake by hitting the ball too hard and not getting it into the allocated space or not being able to hit the ball over the net or missing the ball altogether.

Perhaps it’s not that simple but that’s what it seemed to be like when we played at school.  ‘Stop talking Catherine and just hit the ball over the net or you can go back to school and stand on the stage until we return’. I can still remember the games mistress yelling that at me across the courts lol

And of course all those in the know play it very well – we’ve had and still have oodles of very very good (read world class) tennis players in town over the past week or two for The Australian Open which is broadcast ‘live and free’ on TV.

Hot days meant – and I’ll be truthful- meant I’ve spent lots of time in the cool doing just that.  Watching sport on TV. As well as the tennis which is on until the end of this week there has also been televised The Tour Down Under (cycling) and Ond Day International Cricket.  One afternoon I thought I’d have a little fun playing silly so and sos with my iPad trying to take photos without leaving my chair.

Didn’t work – too far away and they wouldn’t stay still lol

You can click on the gallery for larger photos

Anyway Tennis was calling – The Megawall tells the story

I watched a ‘young lad’ called Kylel Edmund play someone with a very long name which I can’t pronounce. It turned into a long 5 set match that he won in the end.


Later I asked The Golfer where the other player came from as I didn’t recognise the flag.  Neither of us knew so we then discovered Tennis Australia have a handy dandy player listing with flags and countries for each competitor which you can look at HERE

See I said Tennis isn’t just tennis – that afternoon it was a photography and a geography lesson rolled into one.  Did you know Mr Basilashvili comes from Georgia?

 Young Edmund has crept closer to the Final by beating Grigor Dimitrov – who comes from Bulgaria.

And it would seem I need to go back to school and revise some of my geography because I’m sure half the countries on the list didn’t exist when I was at school😊😊

21 thoughts on “Tennis isn’t just tennis you know….

  1. Wow. You did get a lot of education just from watching the tennis lol
    I used to watch sport on telly. But now days I just can’t. It doesn’t interest me. Although I still like to watch the footy. But only if my team is playing. Hubby on the other hand would love to be able to just sit and watch sport all the time!
    Luckily for me. There is so much more around here I can do


    1. Don’t think this is the norm for me Angela – its just what I do on these ‘in between days’ the days from the time the Boxing Day test begins and the end of January. Oh and then when the winter rolls round we will watch some Footy and Rugby games 😊


  2. Very excited about Kyle Edmund in semis. It’s not on TV here – it would be middle of the night and early morning. We can listen live on radio and they might put Kyle on TV now he’s through. We thought once Andy Murray was out of action there would be no one from UK to take his place so it’s good to see young players coming through.
    As for new countries – you are right, no idea where they are!


    1. Its’s good to have some up and coming youngsters isn’t it Sue. There’s a lot of pressure put on them to perform though so here’s hoping Kyle doesn’t go the way some of them have.


  3. Your post brings back memories of me struggling to learn to play tennis in high school physical education class. And struggle I did. I am not athletic or very coordinated. I received a “D” (which in U.S. is almost failing) but an “E” (excellent) for effort. I did try. I can appreciate the skill and athleticism of good tennis players.


    1. Oh Leilani I did so love the idea of playing tennis but like you I struggled. I could never hit the ball into the right court and we always ended up in a fit of giggles.
      I’m sure you excelled in other things – you have a lovely way of spinning a yarn. Telling a story with a moral in the ending seems to come naturally to you.


  4. and on another blog/somwhere, maybe it was here, the tennis playing clothing has changed…not white anymore but colours that represent the sponsors etc…Auckland Tennis has some problems I think a big storm that created havoc with the courts/building structure and I doubt it was free-2-air….

    but for you whilst the weather was extricating hot, a good thing to do – keeping cool at home, watching other sweat it out, be it tennis, cycling or even the graceful sport of standing in sun with cricket….


    1. Lol on watching others sweat it out Cathy. Some of the players really had a hard time of it on those couple of scorchers last week.
      It’ll be a nice change to watch Wimbledon later in the year where white is the colour of the day


  5. I love this. You got to attend the matches and photograph everything without leaving your comfy seat. Sometimes I will pause my TV and take a picture of a spectacular scene that I want to try and paint. LOL


    1. I think that young Hyeon Chung from South Korea is terrific, too! He has muscles in his thighs Arnie Schwarzenegger, in his day, would’ve been envious of!! 🙂


    2. Well everyones in with a chance now Gigi.
      With some of the big names out by defeat or injury it’s an open book. And yes Hyeon Chung could be the one.


  6. Throughout January I am a dedicated follower/watcher of the tennis, beginning with Perth’s Hopman Cup and the Brisbane International, through to the Australian Open. Come Sunday night late…I’ll be suffering withdrawals, no doubt!

    But some salve will be put upon my wounds come 2nd Feb…the Davis Cup runs from 2nd Feb through to the 4th. 🙂


    1. There’s lot of us around aren’t there Lee 😊 It’s just what we do lol.
      With a bit? Of cricket thrown in for good measure 😊😎


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