Is it worth it…..

There are so many ways to communicate with others these days
Instagram – Twitter – Facebook – Blogs are just a few

And this is where I start a post with no idea of
where I’m going or where I’ll finish.😊

I do have accounts on all of those with minimal……in fact no…… personal information apart from a photo in my public profile.  You’d probably glean a bit about me from reading the blog avatar.

My personal fb account was to allow me to join craft (and other) groups, a few family and friends ‘found’ me and apart from newly discovered extended family (discovered via family research sites) I don’t go around asking others if I can be their ‘friend’.

Anyway about a year ago I kept getting ‘friend requests’ on this account – the odd thing was these were from strange men as well as male members of armed forces (soldiers sailors airmen – in uniform with rank displayed)  Obviously those requests were deleted.

Then the same thing happened on twitter – a medium I used for a while for various reasons but haven’t looked at for well over a year.  Lots of messages saying ‘so and so is now following you’  Once again strange men, many with no tweets recorded but following loads of women  Oh and also those new followers included women whose profiles described them as ‘se^xy’ looking for fun!  It took a while for me (not the most tech savvy person) to find the way to block them, unfollow people and sites I no longer had any interest in and to decide to make the account private.

Now you’d think instagram would be harmless wouldn’t you.  Well you should see some of the people who decided to follow me.  Honestly I haven’t shared a photo for goodness knows how long but these ‘strange’ men and women seem to like looking at Kiera lol  More time spent looking for how to block them, unfollow a lot of people and make that account private.

Then there were the strange ridiculous and at times confronting comments that were arriving on the blog.  They came in clusters thankfully stopping for some reason towards the end of last year.  Luckily they didn’t all make it onto the blog proper- w/press scooped them up as they arrived and put them into spam folder for me to decide yea or nay.

So after an end of year break I start writing on Still Waters again and blow me down if I don’t start getting emails informing me – ‘people with very strange names @ outlook’ – have become followers. I consulted the help forums and lo and behold I’m not the only one getting them………WordPress were aware and were trying to (not sure what) do something about it.

I then discovered a feature available in the settings of my w/press blog  There is a way to remove/delete followers.  You learn something new every day  😊

I thought it was only the other party who could do that – you couldn’t block a follower.

So armed with this knowledge I went through my followers list checking their ‘credentials’ and deleting an enormous amount.  Most of whom were unknown to me.   People who hadn’t blogged for years, people whose blogs were closed/deleted,  bloggers from online courses never to be heard from since, others from ‘financial’ sites or travel places – you know all those people who follow because you wrote about something once (but never again)  I will admit to feeling a bit better once that had been done and of course if I’ve removed a live reader they can always refollow.

OK everyone, come on and help me here.  Am I the only one to have gone through all this rubbish – was I naive in thinking all those things couldn’t happen to me?  For a while there I even wondered if my name had been entered on a dating agency’s books 😊😊

Public blogs are like open jars of jam waiting for nasties and other strange things to fly in and ‘spoil’ the taste so I can’t complain.

However I’m curious to know about other people’s experiences with followers on those other sites.

It’s early Monday morning, and as is usual I’m sitting here with coffee pondering about my life in general.  

How’s yours going?  

20 thoughts on “Is it worth it…..

  1. An interesting post, I use wordpress, but I don’t really get what you mean about followers. I don’t allow people to comment on my blog unless they are first approved by me, real people with something sincere to say are welcome, the rest are spam, and the spam section for my posts is usually a healthy size. I just delete the posts from time to time. So are commenting people what you mean by followers in wordpress? Or is there something I am missing?

    Yes, the internet is full of people trying it on. Sincereity is usually pretty easy to spot. It isn’t just you who finds unwanted attentions in the digital world.


  2. In view of what you’ve said it’s perhaps ironic that the only like before mine on this post is from an anonymous Gravatar! Yes, our blogs are public, which means that unless we deliberately set out to offend people it’s unlikely that we will have any trouble. I have a fairly regular readership which is way smaller than actual blog follower stats: as you say, many people have long since stopped following, or closed their blogs, or are commercially based. I just ignore them!

    I also have the three other accounts you mention. Facebook is mostly personal friends and a few fellow bloggers, and I keep my posts private. Twitter is something I use much less than five years ago, and to be honest I don’t really pay much attention to who follows me there. Instagram for me is similar, though I haven’t felt the need to block anyone: again, I just ignore them and they mostly go away.

    I’m fairly laid back about them. If anyone started throwing abuse at me I’d block them but otherwise I don’t have a problem – as you have done, you can always make them private but that kind of seems to me like defeating the object! I guess it’s a case of horses for courses, really.


  3. When on Blogger I had to install pre approval for comments as there were a number of people who felt that any criticism of France deserved the fate of Joan of Arc and they had the faggots and matches!
    Not the same problem now…but also WP does sort out the obvious spam.

    FB? I am only on there to keep up with a few friends but have had to block a number of people in Leo’s close family who like to spy on his life but can’t be bothered to keep in touch with him…


  4. This is the new way of doing the following things a) instagram appears to be the latest dating app, b) It is also a way that scammers can find out about you and c) it is a way for all those idiots that want to push unwanted stuff at you…just because they can. I haven’t found it to be bad on blogger though. I just block them if I don’t know them. Even if they tell me they are a long lost friend or Suzy so and so said you would friend me. Good luck with it all.


  5. I approve comments and eliminate spam etc. Facebook sometimes has requents from people I don’t know. I ignore them.


  6. I think I know most of my followers but it’s a while since I have looked. I did delete a religious nutter from the list once but he was the only one. I am using my phone to write this and It might be the wrong id. Andrew.


  7. I had to refollow you, though I read all my blogs through my feed reader, wordpress conveniently sends me an email once a week from each blog I follow with all their posts..

    I think my WordPress profile is for my Breaking Bad blog, which is actually on and I wrote a post for each episode, I finished that a while back. My real blog is self hosted wordpress, so that is where my current posts are, but it is a little harder to find.


  8. I just looked at my followers,I don’t have many…someone odd with a blacked out gravatar I have managed to remove, but a blogger I know who has closed her blog, can’t remove her – not that she is a problem. I don’t do “tags/categories” so that maybe why I don’t get much happening.
    I do have an instrgram acct but actually I post very little, because 1/2 the time I can’t remember how 🙂
    and my f/book pages: by 2 – one more arty doesn’t have many problems…I regularly go through and unlike things; same with some blogs/e-letter things.


  9. I’ve had a few strange people try to follow me on fb, I choose to decline. Have had some try on my blog. I haven’t used any of the other. There simply isn’t enough time. (for me anyway)


  10. I have a twitter account which I don’t use at all except to respond to some tweets from people I follow. I am on facebook and all my friends there are people I know or who have been introduced to me there by friends. I am on WhatsApp where every one is a friend or relative personally known to me. I don’t encourage friend requests at all nor posts from strange phone numbers on WhatsApp.

    Even spammers have reduced considerably in my blog.


  11. I stopped having followers on my blog. The blogs I follow are on my sidebar and I go through it to comment. Recently I went through those blogs and found many that have not posted in years are deleted blogs, so I deleted them from my sidebar. Others that are still open but not active were left in case they post again. If they do they will move up to my active friends. That is always a joy when an old friend posts again.


  12. I use Facebook primarily to look at other people’s posts. I am more active on my WordPress blog and to me it is my letter to the world. Since it is public, I don’t delete any followers. However, I do delete nasty comments.


  13. I have had some followers right from the first year but lots have since disappeared again. Occasionally I have had spam comments but somehow they end in the trash. I am not on any other social media although I have been thinking about FB for the sake of contact with former friends and family members.

    Am only just getting back into blogging and commenting. I will probably have to do some decluttering. Lots of followers have long since stopped reading, or at least that’s what I assume.


  14. There certainly are a lot of idiots out there with nothing better to do in their lives than to annoy others.

    Grannie Annie wrote my thoughts almost word for word.

    On FB I never accept friend requests from unfamiliar names/persons.

    I’ve a couple of blogs and names on my FB of dear friends who have passed away and I just don’t have the heart to delete their blogs or FB profiles.


  15. just seen this post – in the last couple of weeks I also had followers from outlook addresses – and wondered where they came. from. My first thought was that someone was sending links to their friends, and was quite pleased to see it – then I looked up outlook, thinking it might be some kind of religious group and realised it was just the address of an email service on some computers…….forgot all about it until I saw this – I’m not on twitter or facebook – do I need to be wary about this – can’t tell from what you have written………


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