Skywatch Friday…

9.30am Wednesday 17 January 2018

Seen from my back deck

Wonder where they are off to?  Hope it’s somewhere nice!

Before the clouds parted and the sun broke through turning it into a very warm day

Come and join others who look up at the sky

Skywatch Friday

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  1. I have always looked up. And when ever I see a plane I to think where are they going. As a young child. I would make up stories about th people and their destinations
    I’m silly I know lol


  2. I’ve not been looking upwards – well in that upwards directly most morning rather looking across and down at the new driveway – that will surely wear off that “looking” but I must tell you that when I finally walked up it today, it was a real pleasure. I ambled along – looking at the cement job and the edges without actually worrying about the uneven bits or rockers beneath my feet..


  3. As a youngun, it was so exciting to see a plane or a helicopter in the sky. We would look up and watch until it couldn’t be seen. Now children take no notice whatsoever of craft in the sky.


  4. We too live quite close to one of our very important air force stations. Its main job is to give protection to Mumbai in case of an air attack on that city. It is just 150 Kms away and even shorter for aircraft. There are jets practicing all the time and I for one never get tired of watching them.


  5. There is an app called flightradar24 which shows you where each plane overhead is going along with other details as to type of plane etc. It’s good fun. Presumably it will work where you are, or there may be an alternative. Happy hunting – if you can be bothered in the heat.


  6. They’re probably coming here, to fly right over our farmyard! In the past year we often see five contrails at one time above our yard. We’re not happy to see this huge increase in air traffic over our space out here in the boonies. -Kate


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