Forewarned is forearmed…..

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a bit on the warm side here in my outer eastern suburb  of Melbourne.

It reached 32c which is nearly 89f.

The sheets and towels I washed and put out on the line to dry were ready to bring in after an hour!

At the moment it’s early morning and quite pleasant but today the forecast is slightly different in that the high temperature is possibly going to be up in the region of 38c – the old 100f – which is boiling point 😎

Now the ‘long range forecast’ for Wednesday next week is 33c about 91f


We have been advised by our supplier that we will have no electricity from 8am until 5.30pm.

It won’t really bother The Golfer because he’ll have an early brekkie and be away to the golf course as he normally does on a Wednesday.

Me, well I’ll have the house closed up – a book, my knitting, and my trusty hand powered fans close at hand.  A thermos of hot water and bottles of cold in the fridge along with salady type food will keep me happy

Until I get fed up that is.

So it’s quite possible I’ll arrange to visit someone in their cool home or meet in one of our lovely cool airconditioned shopping centres for a cup of coffee and some lunch and maybe a wander up and down some of the floors doing a bit of window shopping.

But then power companies have been known to alter things to suit themselves so it may not even get turned off at all!

As i said – Forewarned is Forearmed 😊😊

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  1. I’d stay indoors if the weather was swinging to far either way…of course, I’m indoors today, because it’s raining and there is the cement that can’t be walked on. I’m actually marooned completely – although there is a very narrow edge if I chose to try that way – but as it’s raining, I think I’ll just potter inside…


      1. indeed, as I finally ambled up it yesterday morning, looking around at the edges and so forth, I suddenly realised I didn’t need to look at where I was treading…and this morning for the first time in yonks – went up there in my somewhat sloppy slippers (old but friends…) however, looking forward to not bending down to letterboxes lolling around at ground level…believe contractors may return this coming week, there is a lot of fixing to be done!!!


  2. It should be tolerable with a spray bottle of cool water, a flimsy short set, and a basin of cool water for your feet. (Oh, my gosh, I wish I was there to suffer with you – it’s -5.5C this afternoon)


    1. Would love to be able to send some up your way Sharon. We’re good at somethings but unfortunately that’s not one of them 😊


  3. Yup. Everything is almost done and then everyone will be inside. Nice and cool
    Hate when power companies do that on a hot day. But if it’s really hot. They may not be able to work. So who knows. You may get to keep it one.
    Till next time


  4. I like the planned outages. At least we get notice and can prepare. It’s those unexpected long term ones due to equipment damage…


    1. There’s that about days without power when you know it’s going to happen Marie. As you say it’s the ones that occur unexpectedly that can cause damage both to us and our possessions


  5. It would probably help to get the place really cool before the power goes off. But as you say, these things can change and you are often given the worst case time frame.


  6. I am sitting at my computer and as I look out of the window the snow falls thick and fast. Sitting under a tree sounds like a distant dream. Have fun. Every Blessing


  7. What pretty fans. We could do with a little of your warmth and sunshine; it’s very cold here. I had to scrape ice from the car windscreen this morning


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