He said he cancelled his appointment……..

I haven’t bought a newspaper for a while but always look through them at the library.  For some reason – well for me at least – ‘old’ news doesn’t really seem old and sometimes can be more interesting/engrossing when it’s there in black and white instead of moving about in front of you on a screen.

Political cartoons have a way of reinforcing an event or a debatable point of view – some are quite complex and need to be looked at long and hard whereas others are ‘simple, direct and to the point’

Multi award winning cartoonist Ron Tandberg                                                         was the master of direct and to the point


Alas there will be no more from Tandberg


His mind and his pencil carried on working right to the end – today –                  Monday January 8th 2018

9 thoughts on “He said he cancelled his appointment……..

  1. I used to love reading the political cartoons way back in the 80’s. When I was a young teenager
    Haven’t really looks at newspapers for a long time
    It’s sad that someone who was this clever has passed.


  2. I think the cartoonists are the ones who show up politicians the best. I’m always reminded of the story of “The Emperors New Clothes” like the small child the cartoonists are the ones who honestly call it the way it is.


  3. I was sad to learn that he died. Tanberg cartoons were a big part of my life in the 80s and 90s. His final cartoons were poignant. Great that you have posted a tribute to him.


  4. I’m not in Australia, but what a great cartoonist, read all the link as well…too young to finish his life, but how fabulous to continue making the mark to the end, with as much humor as possible…


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