Those between days….

It’s those days between the festive season and the middle of January – you’re still in ‘holiday’ mood but with the New Year begun you feel you ought to be doing something.

This is the time of year when I see things in a different light – it’s also the time of the year when the sunlight shows all the things that have been hiding in the shadows.  You know – things like dusty skirting boards, cobwebs and dratted dirty windows 😬

So even though Spring might have been and gone, in between sitting around reading and generally doing nothing there are times on these warm summer days I often feel compelled to give some rooms a ‘deep’ clean.  Strip the room bare, give it a good once over, put it back together all nice and clean and walk away content.  The rest of the year the house could fall down around me and I’d not be bothered 😊

And here just for your viewing is part of today’s effort. A before and after shot of nice shiny clean front bedroom windows along with freshly laundered curtains.  Yes I’m an old lady who has terylene net (better known by the modern name ‘sheer’) curtains on her big windows.

Of course Kiera’s routine hasn’t changed – she eats and sleeps as is normal for an 18yyr old.  She has altered one thing since we came back in December, in that she has forsaken her favourite sunny spot from previous years on the edge of the deck for the warm shade of a bed in the old garage.

She has a room with a view plus early warning if that new cat……the one that moved into the neighbourhood whilst we were away last April……uses our back garden as a short cut to his own house!  From the look of those pricked ears I think he might have been doing just that.

I’m off for an early bed now, there’s a pleasant not too hot day forecast for tomorrow so I might even attempt another room with big windows.


14 thoughts on “Those between days….

  1. I guess we all do that it is part of a new Year I guess although some people wait and clean when it is Spring.


  2. I love a freshly cleaned room, and like you, won’t notice the state of the room afterward. Our weather here has been frigid, -37 wind chill the other night, warmer now at -6C, the shite expanses here are such a contrast to the lovely view I see through your pretty curtains!


  3. As I sit here in warm clothes wondering if I should add a poncho due to the cold of our mild winter, I find it strange that you are talking about summer!

    I sit in the sun for about half an hour before lunch everyday to warm up and to get some Vitamin D. My son calls it soaking up the sun!


  4. it’s summer here as well, across the ditch in NZ – and it’s been so dry and sunny – although in last couple of days humidity has set in – some restless nights.

    I have big project on for summer, refitting a small room to be my main art room – everything that was stored in their (most of which was art related) either has gone to the shed, for future use or is in another room, coming back in dribs and drabs after sorting and reconstructing into parts.

    I was given a bread-maker for Xmas (belatedly arrived this week) and it’s still on the dining table until I find it a home, yesterday I reshuffled things in my mini-sized kitchen so it will probably go in there soooooooooon. I’ve not ingredients of the kind needed yet, so not all is lost.

    In this house there are no net curtains which in a way is good, but since the guy across the way cut some trees – we both have a clear view of a bedroom…I noticed they rapidly put nets in theirs 🙂


  5. Terylene curtains are very practical for daytime privacy, while still allowing you light and to look out. We missed Spring cleaning this year, but I know there is another Spring next year.


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