Is it just me?..

I use WordPress for my blog and I’m having trouble commenting on blogspot/blogger blogs

Some bloggers have a name/url spot in a drop down menu which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

If there is an Open ID spot on a menu I try that but some reason my WordPress Open ID doesn’t work

Some bloggers are google+ people which can also be a problem – for me.

Most times I have to resort to using my old google id from my old Still Waters blog which usually works but then if anyone follows through on that they then have to click on again to get to the new blog.

I occasionally put a direct link to the wordpress blog in my comments but some bloggers don’t like that, won’t use it or just think of it as advertising.

Some times I write a comment click to publish and it just disappears into thin air

I’m not blaming anyone – I just would like to be able to comment on other blogs!

(because people think I’m not visting/reading – when I am. I just can’t tell them that I am 😊😊)

Is anyone else having a problem – or is it just me??

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  1. I have the same problem…from time to time. It is infuriating because as far as the bloggers are concerned, their readers have just disappeared into the blue when actually we are still here, enjoying their work and wishing to comment.


  2. I haven’t had problems commenting but lately everytime I try to find your new post it goes to the old blog
    I’m glad I was able to get to this one


  3. If you look at my blog, on the right had side is the word Followers, which I think may be called Google Friends Connect. It is not working and shows a 502 error. It is the same on everyone’s blog who has this set up and I think it is causing problems when commenting.


  4. I really couldn’t tell you Cathy, I seldom get your comments – which is okay. If you are commenting and they don’t show up, I have no idea why not. :/


  5. I have the same problem on some blogs. Either my comment disappears or the publish button disappears. Sometimes on my tablet I can enlarge the print to extra large giant size and get it to work. But then I usually cant review what I’ve written and give up anyway.
    Your blog seems to ok….so far

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  6. I have trouble commenting on the blogs of WordPress users. Another friend who recently changed to WordPress told me she had trouble commenting on my blogspot page. Looks like they might be trying to sway us to one type or another…you think?


  7. I had a lot of problems with that kind of blog as well, I would use my WP – ID but then it wouldn’t apparently let me post – I shy right away from them now, because it kind of stresses me out – toing/froing/ getting nowhere.
    I occasionally read one, if I see them posting somewher else, but not comment…


  8. I have this problem. It’s fine if Name/URL is an option, but open ID just does not work. It used to but hasn’t done for several months now. Infuriating


  9. Oh I’m so glad it’s not just me! I have found if I go into Chrome it helps alleviate the problem on occasion but that too isn’t guard working.


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