Some days you just have to do nothing……..

Thank you all for your comments and concern over my arthritic fingers

I assure you they don’t look like that all the time

After a quiet couple of days with a book

No computer- No knitting – No craft of any sort

Look what I found yesterday afternoon

Some knuckles 😊

(No I didn’t spend the day in bed – I was making it and noticed them)

(The iPad was sitting there so it was piccie time lol)

9 thoughts on “Some days you just have to do nothing……..

  1. I know what arthritis is like and I can’t do a lot of knitting either. Sometimes we just have to take extra care of ourselves.


  2. I have other problems with my hands, which can annoy me as well…even though a picture wouldn’t show you “what” – benign essential tremor, muscle wasting problems, and other issues with arm/wrist muscles & just to add insult to injury, reynards syndrome – both hand/arms/fingers affected!!!


  3. It is nice to see knuckles! I know what you mean. I hope your knuckles behave themselves now. 🙂


  4. A very big difference from the picture in your last post, glad to see the knuckles return, your hands have to feel much better, I am happy for you.


  5. We get so carried away with our wonderful projects, and our ‘must-dos’, that we hate having to pause over a physical set-back. So glad you took notice, and gave yourself time to recover from this episode!


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