Take the good with the bad…..

You can’t always have everything you want!
That’s something my mother impressed on me from a young age
Oh, and another saying of her was
You have to take the good with the bad

Bowen is (sometimes) our winter home and when I discovered a file of old photos those expressions turned up in my mind as well

Some winter days in Far North Queensland are great
Like this day at Queens Beach Bowen

July 25th 2011

Sunny skies with a hint of cloud reflected in the watery sand
as the gentle low tide waves rolled in and out

Then there are others that are not so great
Like this day – on the same beach

August 4th 2011

Very grey skies with lots of cloud definitely not reflected in the cold looking sand as the waves thundered in and out

As you can see the weather had a mind of its own this trip – I wanted sunny blue skies everyday but didn’t get them
We had to admire the good and accept the bad.

~ ~ ~ ~

A friend admired the recently knitted pink matinee coat (like this one) so that’s gone to new baby who has just moved into a new home in the northern hemisphere.  Like the original it turned out quite nice but it was what I would call a bad knit – just like the blue cowl neck jumper – not to be attempted again.

Anyway not to be deterred it was back to the ‘donated to me stash’ and on to another favourite – this sweet lacy front jumper. Such an easy knit which turns out just right each time yet I was undecided with it being such a bright yellow.  There are some who say…..it’s for a charity, does it matter…… so I’m hoping it will brighten up some little girl’s winter day.  What do you think?

And all was going well – until I woke up yesterday with aching fingers.  Yes, for some reason, after quite a long time in remission my mother’s gift of arthritis was making itself known again. Painful swollen knuckle joints are the pits, I should remind myself of this when I try to do too much.  Consequently I’ve put the needles aside for a day or two ……rubbed in the Comfrey Cream, which usually works ……and picked up a book instead.

All is good – but I’ll accept the bad when I have my friend to keep me company 😊

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16 Replies to “Take the good with the bad…..”

  1. That’s a pretty yellow. Sorry your work is on hold. I do hope you can get back at it. My hands just can’t take it at all anymore, I used to love knitting and crocheting.
    I think I remember when you went to Queen’s Beach. Lovely place – usually. 🙂


  2. That sunny yellow knit will assuredly brighten someones day.
    My mother used that pharse too and mostly I do.
    I am very sorry to hear that arthritis has raised its ugly head again though.
    I hope your book is a good as your furry companion.


  3. I’m sure someone will love that jumper
    Your hands do look very sore. This weather has changed for the worse again so I’m guessing that might have something to do with your poor hands


  4. Sorry to hear your hands are troubling you! I’ve just taken up crocheting last March, and my Mom has given it up at the age of 86. I have to wonder how long I will be able to enjoy it, but better late than never. I am keeping all of my books, hopefully the eyesight won’t fail. But then there are audio books… we just keep going however we can! 🙂


  5. Poor hands. I have never heard of comfrey cream, I shall have to google it. My Mum has terrible arthritis in her hands, her fingers bent right over. I keep looking at mine, but they seem ok. I get carpel tunnel syndrome if I do too much. Recently my left elbow started to hurt, and I realised I lean on it while crocheting. Easily cured!


  6. Hello, both images of the beach are gorgeous. I would love to live close to the water and see these gorgeous views. I am sorry your hands at hurting, I hope you find some relief. The little jumper is adorable. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend.


  7. love the sunny yellow – and so will someone in need of a bit of happiness…I can imagine the child in a pram (stroller/whatever) and someone saying “baby looks so happy today…the sun is out and blooming…” and may your hands start to feel happpy again real soon…


  8. A valuable lesson to learn – that is to shift onto another activity and rest up the sore bit. Blessings from Dalamory


  9. Oh your poor hands. My mother’s used to look just lime this. I get discomfort and too much crotcheting or typing doesn’t help but thankfully no so bad (yet). I am sorry. X


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