Ban the Beep…..

There’s one little sound that seems to have infiltrated most of our world.


I’d like to know what we did wrong to be inflicted with the beep – I’d love to know who invented the beep – ‘cose I’d certainly give them a piece of my mind

Not the bad word beep and not the reversing beep not even the ping beep of a low smoke alarm battery beep but that infernal one thats heard around us more and more these days – the one that seems to be attached to everything electonic.

The Golfer has been party to the beep for a long time now, I resisted for a lot longer whilst smiling at all those around me who were slaves of the beep

Sadly progress wiped the smile off my beepless face – our trusty 25 year old beepless microwave packed up a few years ago and I reluctantly joined the beep society. There is nothing attractive about a microwave that beeps at you – and I have been known to tell it so across the kitchen. Its almost like someone snapping their fingers and expecting you to drop everything and attend to their needs – doesn’t happen in my house lol

It doesn’t seem many Christmas have passed since I fell more and more under its spell – the beep that is – I entered a new phase of my life…….late bloomer that I was ……by becoming the owner of a small mobile phone – yes, up till then if ‘they’ wanted to talk to me ‘they’ had to wait till I was ready to speak to them.

I have since progressed to a bigger (whether it’s better is open to debate) thing that still beeps (in a slightly different key) when ‘they’ decide they really need to ask me something or let me know something, knowing full well my curiosity will get the better of me and I will stop what I’m doing to find out what it’s all about.

Oh dear, and you know what…..another wedge was driven into my desire for a beepless life when the new fridge/freezer was delivered and had the audacity to beep at me when I stood at the open door pondering.

And then not content with just finishing a wash and coming to a standstill – guess what the new washing machine did, yes the beeping thing beeped at me!

I’ve had enough………I’ve decided I’m going out to protest……I’m going to stand outside the electrical stores with a placard……a large one …….one that says Ban the Beep! 😊😊

19 thoughts on “Ban the Beep…..

  1. Lol
    My washing machine and dishwasher play a lovely little tune when their done. So no beep there
    But the microwave and the phone are another matter.
    It’s funny. As much as we don’t like that beep. The baby lamb does. She stands at the microwave and gets really excited when it beeps. She knows it means food! lol


    1. My new Whirlpool washing machine plays a little tune and then on the display panel comes the word “Welcome!” This was slightly amusing the first time I saw it, now 10 months later it’s a bit of a stale joke.
      Margaret P


  2. I’m with you. Microwave, washing machine and electric toothbrush even. I usually have phone alerts set to vibrate only. The camera beep was turned off.


  3. You are so right, there are beeps everywhere, I actually went through my wife’s phone and turned off the majority of the sounds to eliminate the beeps, but when she noticed a lot of missed messages and yelled “What did you do to my phone” did I realize that the beeps didn’t bother her ha ha.


  4. We had the beep on our washing machine and then our new one did not. We had to buy a timer which can beep when it is done, or else we kept forgetting it was in there. 🙂


  5. I used to have a microwave that beeped when it had finished cooking…and kept beeping until I opened the door and removed the food; drove me nuts! 😐. When it finally broke down, I insisted that the staff at my local Harvey Norman, test each brand/model of the size I wanted, so I got one that only beeped once. While on this mission, I spoke to a man who hated the ‘clunking sound of the microwave door’ and was trying out each model…I’d found a friend! Lol


  6. I’m another one who’d like to ban the beep. Another thing that drives me nuts is the microwave telling me it’s a microwave when the power has been off then come back on again. Does it really think I’m so stupid I don’t know what it is?


  7. Love the beep of the phone giving me a notification of every new comment on my blog! Don’t know why but i am very easily irritated by sounds around me but this one sound doesn’t give that feels 🙂


  8. I quite like most of my beeps. I like when the microwave tells me something is done, and I often set the timer on it for other things too (as it is so easy for me to walk away from the kitchen and get distracted), or when the fridge reminds me I left it open too long, or the oven says it is up to temperature, or various appliances let me know they’re finished.

    The beeps I don’t like are the unasked for texts on my phone from my cellphone provider, and I’ve turned off pretty much all my other notifications.


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