Sewing up loose ends…..

Recently there’s been far too many of them lying around- loose ends that is

I could have titled this ‘tidying up’ or even ‘finishing up’ but ‘sewing up’ will do because that’s what actually ended up happening 😊

The loose ends were those hanging off the *WsIP (*works in progress – technical term for unfinished stuff 😊) I finally managed to get off my needles this past week or two.

Do you know that after years of thinking about it I’m positive my parents should have given me Procrastination as my middle name instead of that belonging to my granny in Belfast because lots of ‘gunnas’ get muttered in my house……I’m gunna do this – I’m gunna do that……..trouble is things get put to one side and it takes forever for these gunnas to get done.

Anyway I promised (when I had time) to show a non commenting friend, who regularly reads my mutterings, what I’ve recently put into ‘the knitting box’ ready for next year’s winter charity drive.  She also reminded me (because she forgets half the time when I physically tell her) to make a note of the patterns I’ve used.  Well there’s not a lot to say about the patterns – One is quite old – the other more recent (still in print I think) – they are guidelines only because I don’t always follow them 😊

The little v necked one above is a go to for me – simple to knit with good clear instructions, the eyelet pattern illustated is good for a little girl.  However I made these two below using the directions and sizing but adding a stitch here and there to accommodate the broken rib in the yellow and the fisherman’s rib in the fawn.

This Woolworth’s book from the 1960s is my standby for a couple of other woollies ( no pun intended 😊). The shirt pattern looked easy and as the little boy wearing the knitted shirt was a dead ringer for our first born I bought the book – but never ever knit it for him lol   There must be something about me and collars because when I finally knit it for a nephew the collar wouldn’t sit right so I changed it to a round neck instead.


I had a bit of the fawn left over from the ribbed cardigan so combined it with the orange/green vari yarn to come up with this version.   I tend to think of this style as being boyish so find it looks better in ‘boy’ colours – if there are such things 😊

And as I’m sure you realised, once these were popped in the box it was out with the needles, new balls of wool in hand and we were off and running again.  There’s a rerun of the pink matinee coat (the good bit that is) going on and the blue teddy jumper as well (maybe the clown and koala as well) so I’ve enough to keep me occupied for a while.

~ ~ ~ ~

I seemed to have talked on a bit there so maybe ‘you’d’ like to tell us what’s just come off your needles or maybe what’s still on your needles needing to be finished

28 thoughts on “Sewing up loose ends…..

    1. Thanks Sharon. I’m trying to use all my ‘stash’ and lots of the colours are what you’d call Nana knit’ colours. Plain and serviceable – i do try to get some bright in there though.


  1. Som lovely knitting here, Cathy. I used to love knitting for my children but rarely do it now. However, lately I have taken up crocheting again after perhaps thirty years of doing none.


    1. Lol Never was much sewing going on in my house EC – yes I sewed for the children when little but only attempted one garment for myself. Never again 😊


    1. Thanks for that Andrew. I wasn’t sure about those colours to begin with but it melded after a while. The fawn took away from the bright orange and green (which wont show the dirt lol)


  2. Lovely little cardis and jumpers, Cathy. I too, have some favourite ‘go to’ pattern books and leaflets, although I have been decluttering old patterns too.


    1. Oh it is so hard to move some of the patterns on to new homes Maria – there are so many of the same ones in op shops and I’m loathe to just toss them. Neither daughter knits and it’s the same with friends daughters as well. And they’d all want new modern patterns if they did.


    1. Oh that’s a shame Marie. My mother had problems with her arms and neck (cervical arthritis) and gave up knitting – my fingers are arthritic and swell after too much exercise (knitting lol) however a couple of days rest and massaging a little comfrey cream on them takes care of that.


  3. I love the idea of knitting with such vintage patterns – somewhere – hmm – where? – I have a whole box of old patterns – smile. Are these for anyone in particular, or are you giving them to charities? I love knitting, but after a while, you wonder who is going to wear them – so – you seem to have found a solution!


    1. Apart from a few ‘orders’ for baby knits from non knitting friends Julz all my knitting goes to charities of one kind or another. I’d had a go at all sorts of crafts but always came back to my first learnt one – knitting 😊 I only make up to 4yrs – size 24″ so aren’t tied to one thing for too long. Anything larger than that wouldn’t be fun and I’d give up on.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love those jumpers. Especial the variegated with the light brown sleeves.
    Right now. This weather is playing havoc with my hands. So I’m not Knitting or crocheting.
    But I have been spending lots of time outside!


    1. Ooh now you’ve piqued my curiosity Cathy – I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a knitted scrappy baby book before. Is it similar in nature to the twiddlemuffs but for babies?


  5. At the moment I don’t have any little one’s to knit for, I am patiently waiting for the Grandchildren to produce some but none of them seem keen to start families at the moment.


    1. That’s where much needed charity knitting is ‘good’ Briony. It fills that desire to have someone to knit for. Just that someone child or adult is unknown to you 😊


  6. Always love coming here to read what you’ve been up to during your winters. And I do like the vintage patterns. I have my mother’s patterns and at my age…and my mother’s, that makes them vintage too. I should knit more for the littles. Nice work Cathy!


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