Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme with word or picture prompts given
bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them.

This month (October) Cindi is providing the prompts
And here’s how I used the ones for this week
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Tom and Tim 4 – Coffee break with Tom

Tom stood by open window of the farmhouse kitchen scanning the trees for any sign of the crows who had been cawing all morning long. He’d seen them perched up there early on when checking the stock destined for the sale yard.

There was one testy old beast he’d noticed, ‘might be best to warn Tim to watch him on loading’ he thought. Don’t want another disaster like the last time’.

That was the time he’d trusted Tim and old Trevor to transport his livestock into town.  Tim swore blind it wasn’t his fault but in the darkness old Trevor managed to get knocked about a bit and had to be carted off to the local hospital.

Thankfully the arm they all worried about was, as Trevor’s littlest grandson gleefully described, unbroken  not broke.

As Tom dropped his cup in the sink he felt the breeze come through the window and heard a rustling in the branches.  ‘There they go again’ he  said out loud, just as a half forgotten memory made its way into his early morning tired and weary brain.  His father had once told him that Crows Ravens and Rooks all belonged to the same ‘family’.   Also South Australia didn’t have crows, they only had ravens – but how true that was he didn’t know.

His father had been a poetry lover, a great reader, visiting the library in town whenever he could leave the property …….before his accident that was.

Then memories of his father reciting a poem called The Raven came flooding back, he could hear the mournful sorrow in his father’s voice as he began to speak the words about a dark night and the bird tapping at the door.  He looked again at the photograph he’d found on internet.  Seemingly linked in some way to that same poem the young girl (for surely that’s what she was) reminded Tom of someone, looking into her eyes he seemed to be able to see right down into her soul and he wondered what she was hiding.

A little while later he quietly put the phone down from speaking to Mrs T; digesting the sad news of old Trever’s sudden death was when it all came rushing back.  The forgotten grim months – years even – of sorrow that sunk deep down into his soul. He knew then whose eyes it was he saw in the photo.

Hearing the sound of the truck making its way up the long drive and knowing the reception he’d receive, he took one last look at the girl who reminded him of his lovely Vera and mentally prepared himself for the ominous task of relaying the sad sad news to his brother Tim.

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