Things are moving out there….

While most of Melbourne was engrossed in the game going on at the MCG (Richmond v  Adelaide Aussie Rules Grand Final) I pottered about outside.  Notice the brown stuff on the ground to the right of this photo – it’s the last of the leaves that dropped from the tree that is now covered in soft green new ones.  Wouldn’t you  think it would give me time to rake them up before sprouting new ones 😊

If you look carefully you can see there’s Spring lavender flowering round the washing line – hopefully I’ll be able to use it regularly again soon without having to keep resorting to the little one one the deck.  The little one is great during the Winter when it’s wet but in my mind there’s nothing nicer than washing that’s had a good blow in the fresh air.

And can you see the growth on the rose bushes below the strappy leaves of the Agapanthus – in what I laughingly call the Blue Bed’  – called that because most are a lavender colour 😊   There are some early buds there as well which means it wont be long before I can have roses in the hallway again.

A few years ago I used to feature Flowers in the Hallway on a weekly flower meme which now appears to have been disbanded.  Would you like to see some?

I’d pop lots of different flowers in a vase on that half round table (mainly roses mixed with whatever else was blooming) and depending on where the sun was on those summer days there could be a ‘cool’ or a ‘warm’ appearance to the hallway.  So even though there’s a similar look in these photos I can assure you they were taken over a period of time/weeks.

These are a couple taken later in the day when the sun had moved and the ‘warm’ look arrived lol


Last summer was a rotten season for roses in my garden.  I’m hoping for better things this year, the first Spring flush won’t be long but those big headed full blown ones usually arrive late in the season after the New Year.

(Oh and btw please don’t ask me to name them – name tags on garden plants have a habit of going walkabout 😊😊)

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24 thoughts on “Things are moving out there….

    1. Nothing neat about my roses Andrew 😊 Those for sale are species known to have long stems and few thorns – in a world of their own lol. I do like to see the buds opening on the bush in the garden and wait a while before cutting mine which means lots are full blown by the time they make it to the vase.


  1. I can’t wait until the roses bloom in my garden hubby Did a big clean up on Friday so he could watch the footy all day
    I was going to go out and plant seedling in the morning. But we got rain. Again!
    I’m hoping to go out sometime today. Fingers crossed


    1. Oh the footy – I gave in and watched from half time lol. Great to see Richmond win again. 37 years is a long wait 😊
      No sun again this morning and getting greyer by the minute. Cold even!!


    1. ‘Better inside than on my grave where I can’t see them!’ One of my mother’s sayings EC.
      ‘Slow down and smell the roses’ one of mine lol
      I couls sit down near the roses for a long long time on a summers day – especially the Austen’s


    1. I will admit to giving most things a little upside down shake just to be certain no unwanted visitors come indoors. I’ll readily buy a cup of coffee any day but not flowers 😊


  2. Lovely to see your hallway flower features again Cathy, they’re really beautiful and have that loving touch. Cheers, hope you’re having nice weather over your way too :D) Sue xx


    1. Thanks Sue – seeing the photos again has me hoping for a good crop this coming season.
      Grey and cloudy this Sunday morning, not really cold but not that warm either. Time to put an extra woolie on instead of the heating 😊
      Thanks for popping in, will talk later ~ Cathy


  3. It is so interesting to see your world “come alive” after winter, as ours is beginning the Fall decline. A few wildflowers are still blooming, the Fall colors here will likely be rather grim. Thanks to the blistering summer and drought, the leaves of some trees that are supposed to turn lovely colors have been burnt to a crisp or are already on the ground, having gone from “green” to dead without having changed in between, Love your flower pictures. Thanks for sharing those Wonderful.


  4. As you may already know, just as you are welcoming spring, and all of the beautiful plants that come with it, we are saying goodbye to summer, and hello winter! This summer was so dry, and the garden demanded so much watering, that I’m going to be happy to let nature look after it for a few months!


    1. It’s surprising how hardy some plants can be Diane. During the last long drought we had it was strange that some plants survived and some of the sturdiest ones like Agapantha suffered.
      Just think – in just a few months the tables will be turned 😊


  5. your hallway arrangements are just beautiful and I love seeing vases of flowers on a polished table. When I first moved here and saw all the rose bushes I was so happy to be able to cut some blooms and have them inside, took me three days to work out those roses were why I couldn’t breathe at night. Now I leave them on the bushes and enjoy them via my camera.


  6. I like your flowers in the hallway. Quite happy to see lots more on the same theme in your hallway. Personally I don’t like cut flowers in the house, prefer to see them out in the garden.
    Where do you use the lavender?


  7. what a wonderful display – as you approach your vases and feel the colour, the texture avail your eyes…

    I don’t really have any flowers here, that are picker-able – and I doubt I will have many again this year.

    the weather guru said that today was going to get better and better…he must have had forgotten to clean his glasses because after I hurried to do some washing, before I thought I might go out – it suddenly clouded over as I valiantly hung some on the rotary clothes line, and some on my porch drier. I didn’t ever go out…because it kept drizzling….

    of course, I also didn’t go out because a friend PM’s to visit with me – bringing me a tremendous gift.

    then blow me down but come 1ish out came the sun – at least the washing is just needing a bit more airing 🙂


  8. Fascinating how the color changes from cool to warm in that hallway – thanks for sharing this perspective, not to mention your lovely flow arrangements. Enjoy the warming trend!


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