You’ve gotta have friends….

If there’s one thing I would ‘hate’ to lose it’s that little circle statue that sits on our outdoor table.  It’s been there a long time.
You’ll often see it in photos I feature – mainly because I forget to move it 😊

The little concrete statue is commonly called ‘A Circle of Friends’

This one of mine which represents a circle of women with long dresses and long hair was given to me many years ago in Adelaide.

It gives me a good feeling when I see it there.
Reminding me of the circle of friends who gave it as a parting gift
when I moved back home to Melbourne.

Unfortunately as you can see someone liked it a bit too much and dropped it.
One of the poor ladies lost her head in the tumble
Thankfully,  The Golfer and that really strong glue that comes in two tubes
came to the rescue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meet Catty – who’s not very chatty 😊

Another gift given from a friend who also means a lot to me.
The look on her face (for surely she is a female) makes me smile

The person who gifted her to me
was noisy and boisterous just like the cats she bred
So unlike the gift she gave – a quiet calm concrete cat

Most of the year she sits peacefully on the long cupboard
The one on the deck below the kitchen window.

Come the summer, on some special evenings, they both get moved
The circle may be put under the table or a chair
Catty could be moved further along the cupboard
or hung from one of the beams even

The dip in the middle of my circle of ladies and Catty’s open belly
are just the right size.

Just the right size to sit one of those mozzie coils we use.

The cheapest and most effective way of keeping the little blighters away 😊😊

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10 thoughts on “You’ve gotta have friends….

  1. Too bad about your Circle of Friends. It’s a lovely piece.
    How big is your Catty? I didn’t know mosquito coils were still available … Catty is a sweet little girl.


  2. Well done golfer. Yup the two pack glue is the best. I always let hubby do that repair work. Because it is smelly. I have one of those circle of friends too. I think when the outdoor area is finished off I’ll put mine out there too!


  3. I just looked at & then returned them – many objects from my past – returned them, carefully rewrapped to the cases they current live in. Some of the objects have been placed in my art-material packages as they just need to be in the vehicle,…got memory but not big memory…and I keep thinking the people who have sort up after I’m gone won’t want them, so may as well use them.


  4. Envious of your circle of friends. Perfect for those coils too! It would get lots of use here in the summer.
    I’ve got a few objects like yours, and some have glue too


  5. What a lovely memento – The Circle of Friends – I’m always on the lookout for things to liven up the garden, so must get more innovative in my browsing and thinking.
    Every Blessing


  6. I also love your things and now I remember mosquito coils from when I was young. I don’t think the shops here have them anymore.


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