They didn’t believe me…..

Nobody believed me when I said I used to cook cakes

Even the ones who were there 😊


One little boy who turned 50 this year with his older brother who turned 55 this year.  Oh dear, how did they get to be that old 😊

This hoard of old photos is really bringing back memories- I can see them sitting there by the back door as if it were yesterday.

I have some friends who dislike looking at old images because they see the years that have passed them by – me, I love them because I think they show that passage of time and define the person/s we/they are today  We can look back and see how our life has changed.  What we did get up to in those years gone by, how or if we altered our attitudes, losing or gaining friends along the way.  Happily or sadly how we ended up where we are today.

Whether they are forgotten experiences (as in the boys not remembering the chocolate cake), or ones remembered fondly (like me remembering the day I cooked the chocolate cake in the tiny kitchen with the boys hanging around to get a ‘lick of the wooden spoon’) there’s no denying they happened.

So yes in my younger days, even if the family think otherwise, I did cook chocolate cakes 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How about you – are there things you’ve done (run marathons, climbed mountains, cooked cakes) that nobody believed you have/could have done??

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14 thoughts on “They didn’t believe me…..

  1. Gorgeous photos and lovely memories – the fun of licking the spoon!
    Such a difference nowadays with the thousands of photos to record childhood memories :D)


  2. I’ve never had anyone doubt me, not to my face anyway. I love the old pictures and the memories they return. Cute pictures of your boys!

    I know there are people who don’t like to even talk about the past, and forget the old photos, but I love the old memories, especially of my kids.

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  3. I love the old photos, the glimpses of moments in time, a look at who we were at that time, how we dressed, wore our hair etc. Precious really!


  4. I, too, love old photos, and our sons are also middle-aged too, indicating the passing of time – which seems to have gone in the blinking of an eye. If no one believed you baked cakes, then no one would believe I once had a good singing voice, or won a trophy for ten-pin bowling!
    Margaret P


  5. I wore a pasta necklace that my son made at kinder to the shopping centre. I picked him up before we went and he kept asking me to wear it. So I did!
    He now says he doesn’t believe I did it. But I sure did


  6. I love the old photos and my “kids” and grandkids do too. Although people take far more photos now I wonder how many will be accessible in 40 years time, technology means formats change very quickly.


  7. Oh, yes. When I wrote to my mother that I had got my undergraduate degree, my father told her that I was bluffing her. I had to send notarised copy of the diploma to her so that she could prove to him that I had indeed obtained it. When I got selected to a leading business school again, nobody believed me till I quit my job to go and study. I have blogged about these instances in my life.


  8. There are things that I don’t believe I did! I used to be so fearless!

    I, too, love to see the passage of time. It shows growth and change, as we develop into who we are today. There are sometimes things that make me sad – the idea that my nephews are growing up and will one day move out and start families – but then there is so much to look forward to there, too.


  9. I’m about to look through photos – you might why “about” well it’s going to be on my blog in a few days time – because it’s a significant actual time frame (not way back when, though..) more a first anniversary.

    I’m got some photos of moi at the beach in a bikini., pictures of me on my great OE – that I like to look at – then I’ve got ones where my hair style has many a story behind why I went down that track…


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