Is this is the answer I wonder…..

I’m sure many of you know John (Gray) author of the ‘funny/serious/unintentionally makes you think about all sorts of things’ blog Going Gently.

In his post on Wednesday he mentioned one of his dogs had been deep in thought for about an hour and there was speculation as to what could have been on her mind.

Well wonder no more – I think I might have found the answer 😊

I suppose it could be possible for dogs to have that question on their mind

Fun Friday – the day we forget the worries of the week

10 Replies to “Is this is the answer I wonder…..”

  1. It’s like the cat that wonders will it ever catch that red dot lol
    Yup almost the weekend. Have a great Friday


  2. yep, Friday here – and sometime mid arvo – I’m off – with my new overnight 4-wheeler – as we go by buses to a retreat w/end for fibre-folk…(still in Auckland, but 2 buses/walk away from home…


  3. my dog need not wonder because i regularly tell him he’s a good boy! I often tell him he’s naughty as well and sometimes even in the same breath!
    If Harry muses on anything at all, it would be food


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