On a day like today

On a day like today,
We pass the time of day
Writing love letters in the sand

Oh I wish, but it certainly wasn’t beach weather first thing yesterday morning.  The view from the bedroom window was a bit on the grey side bordering on black.

Instead of the beach I had a ‘date’ with a friend for coffee at the Chocolate Shop in Montrose.  Arranged about a month ago we thought it would be dry enough to enjoy some of the new outdoor seating – no such luck!  In fact there was no such luck with the coffee either because she didn’t arrive.  Car trouble!

After she called I decided not to order but came home to enjoy some of the lovely soup I cooked up the other day.  My version – so easy to cook!

  • Butternut Pumpkin
  • Onion, Carrots and Potatoes – sometimes sweet potato
  • Potato Stock from the freezer – kept from when boiled for mash
  • Vegetable stock powder
  • Nutmeg

Peel and cut veg, soften onion in a little oil, add veg and toss around over the heat.  Add veg stock and nutmeg.  Bring to boil – cook till soft.  Puree until lovely and thick with no lumps.

Being Wednesday The Golfer was ‘you know where’ so when it warmed up a fraction and there was a break in the clouds I cleared the outside table (thank goodness for covered decks) laid it with a fancy supper cloth and had me a little lunch date of my own.
Piping hot pumpkin soup with dry crackers 😊

Followed by some oatmeal crackers (butter and jam) along with one of those lovely finger type almond cakes from a Dutch Shop in a nearby suburb.

And coffee!

Don’t worry – I made sure The Golfer had his when he got home

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘On a day like today’ better known as Love letters in the Sand – sung by Pat Boone was a song I loved back in the 1950s.  What I didn’t know was that it was originally published in the 1931.  I know Patsy Cline (and others) recorded versions but Pat Boone’s was THE one as far as I was concerned.

Pat Boone (1934 – )


20 thoughts on “On a day like today

  1. Your meal looks and sounds sooooo good. That would go so well here right now. It’s chilly and drizzling outside. I have nothing to make soup with and your looks so delicious. Lovely dining on your deck. (Which must be warmer than mine at the moment.)
    Remember swooning to Pat Boone?


    1. Colder than it looked Sharon – we have the benefits of the blinds protecing that little area by stopping the gusts of wind and using any sunshine to ‘warm’ it as well


    1. Tasted yum as well Gram and there’s several more portions in the freezer 😊
      The crockery has a very 1970s feel about it, it was a pick and mix set – piles of cups saucers plates bowls, buy as much as you want, same colouring but just slightly different patterns. There are only 2 place settings left now, as pieces were ‘lost – broken’ and other sets bought I gave a lot away/ donated to make room in the cupboards. I use it now and again, often for quick lunches on the deck, reminds me of squabbling at meal times when the children were little. Don’t think The Golfer sees any connection tho’


  2. Your post made me smile…it brought back a happy memory.

    Every time I played “Love Letters in the Sand” on our piano when I was a kid, my Nana used to start singing and humming the song without realising she was doing so. It was always a subconscious action

    And because we had a tendency in our little family unit to enjoy a bit of mischievous fun…whenever I was at the piano…I’d be playing a few different melodies, and then, after some time had elapsed, I’d give my brother a wink and a nod, and then I’d start playing the above tune.

    We’d be giggling away because Nana would starting singing away to herself as she was doing the washing up or whatever else it was she was doing at the time. Then she’d realise what had happened…and wake up to our game…that we’d tricked her again. She fell for it every time…without fail.

    It used to cause amusement…good, innocent, fun memories…


    1. Oh you were a tease Lee – however did you and your brother get away with it. Lovely memory- I was right there in the room with you 😊


  3. Oh wasn’t he a clean cut nice young man! Lol
    Your lunch date table looks lovely. Even if it’s rainy it would be a nice spot for a hot soup or cuppa.


  4. The song is certainly a memory from my childhood too. Sorry your friend didn’t make it, but how good to make an occasion for an everyday lunch as compensation.


    1. Certainly a case of seeing an opportunity and grabbing it with both hands Cathy. My lunch was there waiting for me and it didn’t take much to make it special. I rang my friend and teased her by telling her what she was missing out on but couldn’t come and share 😊


    1. I hope they were pleasant memories Ramana and didn’t cause distress. At times when I hear a favourite ‘tune’ from years ago I get quite sentimental and find myself ‘tearing’ up.

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  5. I love that you make the effort to spoil yourself for lunch. And as for Love Letters in the Sand . . . ..I still remember all the words. I guess we all do. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it Freda – When I played the clip through to check it was actually working I surprised myself by singing along and yes remembering all the words as well 😊


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