I’ll give you a daisy a day dear….

I was going to write a grizzling post about Spring still being a long time coming and  there being no flowers in the garden the right size for the window sill (well actually there don’t seem to be any out there at all) when I saw these daisies by the front step and had an idea!

“I know I want flowers, I don’t have any fresh ones, so I’ll look at old photo files, then show you some of the flowers that have ended up on said window sill over the years – I’ve got my floral fix and maybe I’ll stop whinging and whining about something I’ve no control over.  Right?, OK?, come on help me with this” 😊😊

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There was one week when the tiny vase was actually jam packed with Daisies.  Erigeron (seaside daisies) and Brachyscome (break o’day).

I often put the collectable cats on the sill and that week Smily with the curly tail was joined by some new friends.  Very fittingly the little one painted in black enamel is covered in daisies 😊

Do you know the origin of the word Daisy?
You can find out this and more – here

The word Daisy evolved from the Anglo Saxon ”daes aeges’ which literally means days eye.  And we know Daisies open at dawn just as the day begins.

A daisy symbolises innocence and purity ~ it can also symbolise new beginnings.
And here’s another look at these fine many petalled beauties 😊

Right I think I’ll be fine now – until the next time I’m feeling low 😊

I’ll give you a daisy a day dear – I’lll give you a daisy a day
I’ll love you until the rivers run still – and the four winds we know blow away

Jud Strunk – 1936 – 1981

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10 thoughts on “I’ll give you a daisy a day dear….

  1. Lovely daisies in the vase, and your cute cats too, made a great display. Daisies always remind me of my childhood; my mum’s garden featured a few varieties and they always looked so cheerful in vases.


  2. It is so good to be able to look on the bright side of the weather – and it is a lovely idea to change ornaments and flowers around. I love daisies especially. Blessings from Freda


  3. lots of grass daisies here,but also the dreaded onion weed with it’s little white drops…I seemed to have moved to an area, where onion weed blooms – and yes I did try out eating them, but I didn’t care for the taste…

    Camellias are out – there is a bunch of semi-stunted trees on the other side of the fence – they have probably 1/2 metre of ground to grow…bordered by house/fence


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