It doesn’t take much….

There’s so much unhappiness in the world at the moment there are times when I feel guilty about how I feel, I know I shouldn’t be – but honestly I can’t help it – because it ireally doesn’t take much to make me feel HAPPY

Just little things in life like a cool change after a sweltering hot summers day, a warm bath when I’m aching, a nice cup of tea or chocolate – well I really don’t mind when they appear  😊

Now I’m not much of a tv watcher – yes there’s some news & current affairs type things we keep a eye on  – but I mean to say there’s only so much hilltop horse riding you can watch, so many railway journeys be taken, murders in quaint rural villages, tropical islands or even scottish islands for that matter that I can help solve.

Utopia – my saving grace from the misery of free to air tv finishes next week  – so when I heard the news that Dr Blake Mysteries is returning very soon there was happy silent cheering going on inside my aged brain.  Quickly silenced by the realisation it was to be the last series on our ABC.  Looks like I’m going to be doing lots of reading and knitting and maybe watching older stuff I do/did like on iview or other apps😊

Sunny days in winter make me happy (needed or not there’s only so much rain you can take!) so when mother nature smiled and fleetingly raised the temperature for us one day last week I even lifted one of the blinds to enjoy the sight of all those Camelias (whose name has been forgotten over the years ). From just one bloom on sunny but very cold day a couple of weeks ago,

the bush has decided it is now time to burst into flower.  And look at Kiera, so happy to lay on the chair enjoying the warmish first day of Spring.  She was like an old lady as she shifted around trying to warm up her bones 😊

Just as an aside the blinds are definitely down today; the skies are grey, the heater’s on indoors – and wait for it – there was snow in the nearby hills over the past couple of days 😊

Now just for the fun of it I’ll show you something else that made me happy last week.  Not overjoyed with happiness but it did put a smile on my face

Junk mail flyers!  Yes that’s right Junk mail flyers!

Some call it the curse of the suburbs, hanging out of letter boxes or lying on the ground where the delivery person has dumped it.  The stuff you casually drop into the recycling bin as you pass by.  Strange to feel happy about receiving it.

For some reason we have had none delivered in our suburb for well over a year, no local newspaper either.  Then all of a sudden with no warning (well, who ever gets warning of junk mail?) it was there.  Rolled up tightly in a rubber band.  I dislike shopping but I do like to see what’s available and what’s on special.  Not that I’ll buy any of it, it’s just nice to be in the know 😊

I did wonder if it being Father’s Day was the reason for it being delivered but that wouldn’t be it – would it??

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  1. You know, Cathy, winter doesn’t give in easily, there as well as here. Has to get in those last few licks!


  2. Another rainy day for us in Adelaide too. I agree on the TV shows but must have missed the one about horse riding. You’re not tempted by the, “You can’t live without this …….” channels????


    1. Nope Sue – it’s a quick flick of the finger when I get to the ‘and wait, there’s more’ channels 😊
      Poldarks the one with all the hilltop galloping. The Golfer likes to watch that one.


      1. You’re right Poldark does have lots of hilltop gallops and dark, moody scenes.
        Amazing, we’re not even tempted by their “2 for the price of 1” offers, instead I think if they’re so good why are they giving them away?

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    1. Well Marie you might know the answer to this question – if Autumn is coming your way and Winter is still here where’s Spring hiding?? 😊


  3. I think I can explain the flyers thing. In Australia this is generally done by a company who hires people to distribute the flyers. They are paid peanuts for what is actually quite a difficult job – every problem the posties face are also faced by these folks eg dogs, letterbox spiders, etc.

    They also have to put the brochures together into the stacks or piles – ours tends to roll them up with a rubber band. I am not sure whether the company even pays for the rubber bands or not. That job takes quite a bit of time and also space.

    So, being paid peanuts, this job is often done by teenagers or old retired folks looking for “extra money” and once they find out it is not very much money at all, they usually quit. Which is why you will often get them for a short time, then they disappear again.

    I did this as a teenager, it lasted maybe a week before I said heck no this job sucks. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the first hand information Snoskred. I see those adverts asking for walkers all the time and often wondered what the pay rates/remuneration was like. We’ve had a ghastly hot summer and a really cold winter so I don’t blame anyone not wanting to do the job.


  4. It’s so cold here and we all have the flu.
    Being able to sit in bed work on my crochet projects and watching DVDs makes me very happy


  5. Newspapers are still very popular in India and I get five everyday to get local, national, international, business and economic news from all over. As a bonus, I also love to solve the five crossword puzzles that come in them! The only unpleasant thing about the newspapers are the fliers that are inserted in them at least four days a week, the worst being the weekend. I don’t even see them and simply throw them into the pile kept for recycling.


    1. I think our newspapers are expensive to buy Ramana so only physically look at one in the library or at The Golfers club. I teeter between ‘being overwhelmed by news’ and ‘ being intrigued by what’s going on’ so use the radio or 24hr tv stations. The weekend lifestyle supplements are one reason our Saturday/Sunday papers sell 😊


  6. I loved those flyers when I was visiting NZ. I’d study them and be amazed at the amount of stuff one could buy. We don’t get rubbish mail here so of course it was a real novelty.
    So many things in life to be happy about. At the moment I’m happy I can have a quiet siesta and read some blogs.


  7. I imagine they would be a grand sight after the months of cold and grey days Dianne. Colour at that time of the year truly is a bonus


  8. I used to get junk post, even though my then letter box was difficult – but here there is a well glued on sign “no junk post” – although on saying that apparently election pamphlets are okay (there’s been a few these last few weeks, election coming up this month)… We also get a local rag around 2/3x a week..often with errant tucked in flyers.

    Spring has sprung in and out a bit this month…yesterday morning I went out (I don’t usually go out wet days) to meet a friend to go the matinee Matilda (musical show) – and when we came out at around 3.30 – it looked like it has been dry all day!!

    I’m looking forward to having days that do not change on a whim, the sort where you go out and stay dry…warm, and all that good stuff. But on saying that I’m pretty happy bumming around here anyway…


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