What will be will be…..

 “Have you ever wondered how long you are going to live?”
That was my fun question last Friday

This year it seems like I’ve spent months sitting in Dr’s waiting rooms which has me constantly thinking about that question.


Popping in for a regular script renewal earlier in the year resulted in the ‘don’t forget your ‘flu jab when they are available’  Done – but leaving with a reminder to come back in two weeks for a pneumonia booster.  Done – then given the news ‘you now need the shingles vaccine available for people of a cetain age.  Come back in a couple of weeks.’ My regular yearly blood screening was ‘fine’ but resulted in a Renal Specialist appt because one result still had the very minor raised level that has appeared regularly for the past few years but hadn’t been cause for concern.  ‘Just a precaution’ the GP said. Two months wait resulting in more blood tests and a renal ultrasound.  All normal, the knowIedgeable one told me last week.  Things change as you age, nothing to worry about, just eat well, drink lots of water, exercise, get plenty of sleep and you’ll be fine! However as I left he said ‘oh I see you have a birthday coming up.

You are perfectly healthy, but come back just after as there are now some more screening/preventative tests for people of your age!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Heres that fun test again


~ ~ ~ ~

Im wondering ‘if’ my (imagined by the computer) score of 90+ actually comes about will it be because I really was healthy or because of all this preventative screening that has me on very good terms with my GP 😊😊

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15 thoughts on “What will be will be…..

  1. I wonder how my Mum and Mother in law managed to get to mid eighties without all the screening that goes on now. Maybe they got there because they stayed away from the doctor and pills, lol

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  2. last time I was with the doctor, I have to front up every 6 months due to my Asthma meds – she politely asked “was there anything else I needed…” “nope” and then then with same politeness “would you mind getting a blood test done?” (and they would contact me if anything untoward). I’ve had that test at least month ago, things must be ticky boo because heard “nothink”


  3. It’s like turning fifty
    Free poo screen for cancer
    Free breast screen for cancer
    Have a flu shot
    Best you have a blood test for the works!
    Seriously. I think they just want to scare us to death!


  4. Jeepers… that’s a lot of tests and bits and pieces! I saw a poster for the shingles vaccine when I was at the doctors today for my flu. I’ll be getting it when I can as I’ve had shingles a few times. One day at a time!


  5. I was appalled to find my expected age was 94, no thanks! Meantime I have just had the last test for ladies only. Oddly it has made me sad,another milestone passed. And why don’t I get a certificate for having done them all. I shalln’t miss it though.


  6. Oh dear. Though don’t worry – I had a very cheerful GP tell me some years ago that “once you’re over 45, all bets are off!” Nothing like hearing that to feel mortal. I figure that at least if these tests and tablets are available, we may as well sign up for them until we decide we don’t want to any longer.


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