D is for….

D is for Dad and also for Daughter

Today I want to say Thank You to my Dad who loved his 3 daughters

From me (the oldest) all the way down to the youngest

I know that each of us in our own special way
had control of our own little corner of his heart

Happy Father’s Day Dad

From you I received a love of music and dance and laughter

Plus a never ending respect of family

We all know that without Fathers there wouldn’t be Daughters 😊

12 thoughts on “D is for….

  1. I had no idea that Father’s Day was on different dates. In the UK we have it in June. It is 37 years since my lovely Dad died, age only 49. I miss him still.
    Eloise thisissixty.blog


  2. Both my parents died when I was in my 20s (that’s near on 40 years ago…) there have been much I have needed to know (hereditary issues) for the kind medics who have asked over the years!

    And I have neither been a Mother (myself) or have any children who think I’m their mother…so that means there is no Father on my timeline…


    • oh, just in case you’ve worried on their demise, early – I wasn’t born to them early in their parenting careers – Mum was nearly 50 and Dad was in his 50s when I arrived as one of those “special babies…” – they already have their eldest who was then in her mid 40s!


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