D is for….

D is for Dad and also for Daughter

Today I want to say Thank You to my Dad who loved his 3 daughters

From me (the oldest) all the way down to the youngest

I know that each of us in our own special way
had control of our own little corner of his heart

Happy Father’s Day Dad

From you I received a love of music and dance and laughter

Plus a never ending respect of family

We all know that without Fathers there wouldn’t be Daughters 😊

12 thoughts on “D is for….”

  1. I had no idea that Father’s Day was on different dates. In the UK we have it in June. It is 37 years since my lovely Dad died, age only 49. I miss him still.


  2. Both my parents died when I was in my 20s (that’s near on 40 years ago…) there have been much I have needed to know (hereditary issues) for the kind medics who have asked over the years!

    And I have neither been a Mother (myself) or have any children who think I’m their mother…so that means there is no Father on my timeline…


    1. oh, just in case you’ve worried on their demise, early – I wasn’t born to them early in their parenting careers – Mum was nearly 50 and Dad was in his 50s when I arrived as one of those “special babies…” – they already have their eldest who was then in her mid 40s!


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